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Social Media: Learn simple tips on how to use social media for business connections, internet marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, social customer service and blogging.

LinkedIn for business marketing

How LinkedIn Showcase Pages For Business Can Benefit Your Business

Have you been wondering what the newly introduced LinkedIn Showcase Pages can do for your business? Check out how LinkedIn Showcase Pages for business can benefit your business.
popular social media apps amongst young peoplevideo

7 Powerful Social Media For Business Marketing

Social media offer great tools for business owners to interact with their customers and offer superb customer supports experiences. Check out these powerful social media for business marketing and promotion.
social messaging apps for mobile device

10 Powerful Social Mobile Messaging Apps That Will Completely Replace SMS

These are 10 popular social mobile messaging apps that are replacing SMS on Windows Phone Apps Store, iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry App World
social media

Why Your Business Should Use Social Media For Relevant Business Connection

Social media as a tool for relevance connection has become an avenue not only for people to socialise, but also to sell, buy, promote and meet potential clients.
social media and Facebook marketing secrets for business brand marketers

Secret Facebook Marketing Features For Marketers You Probably Don’t Know About [Infographic]

If you want to up your Facebook skills, the infographic below showcases some secret Facebook marketing features for marketers and brands such as how to track the activity of your competitors, use post attribution settings, and even save content for future use.
Why your business should be on Twitter

Twitter For Business: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Active Twitter Right...

Still don't know why your business should be on Twitter? Here are top reasons why your business should be Twitter right now.
Facebook social networking website

Extinguished By Facebook: Top 6 Social Networking Websites We Used To Know Before Facebook...

Social networking websites have been around before Facebook came into the scene. Here are popular social networking websites that we used to know before Facebook popularity
Instagram social media marketing for business

Instagram Social Media Marketing Strategies That Work Like Magic [Infographic]

How powerful is Instagram social media marketing strategies? This infographic highlights the Instagram social media marketing strategies that work like a magic.
Facebook social networking website

Facebook Acquires LiveRail As Online And Mobile Ad Sector Enjoys Rapid Growth

Facebook has acquired LiveRail to cash in on the recent rapid growth in online and mobile ad sector. LiveRail is online video ad tech startup that delivers more than seven billion video ads per month.
how well are people using social media

How Well Do People Use and Apply Social Media in Daily Life?

How do people use social media? What is the value of social media in people's daily life? This article highlights 5 smart ways people are using and applying social media in their daily life.
Snapchat marketing infographic

Snapchat Marketing: Do You Know How Consumers Are Really Using Snapchat And Can Your...

Snapchat marketing and how consumers are really using Snapchat. Can your business gain from Snapchat marketing? Do you know how to leverage snapchat for business marketing?
social media marketing strategies that work

4 Smart Ways You Can Easily Make Your Business Social Media Marketing Efforts Work

Do you know how business owners can make Social Media Marketing work for them? Social Media Marketing is one of the essential marketing strategies any serious business owner should consider.


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