the CEO - chief executive officer

5 AMAZING Qualities Of Great CEOs You Probably Don’t Know You Have Got

To be a super or great CEO of a business (either big or small) is one of the greatest achievements that offers a great sense of fulfilment.
Business charts

Entrepreneurship And Risks Of Running A Business, Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Entrepreneurship isn't just about setting up a business, it's also about running and making it a success. So is entrepreneurship for you?
essential questions for successful entrepreneurs

Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur? Here Are 5 Essential Questions You Should Be...

To be a Successful Entrepreneur, you have to be really committed and dedicated. No successful entrepreneur will ever tell you that it's as easy as eating cake.
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Entrepreneur Success And How To Spot A Perfect Business Idea That Can Potentially Grow...

In reality, finding a perfect business idea that can potentially grow quickly is not that easy. Check out how to identify a profitable niche and a business that works and generates income.
Successful entrepreneurs

Why Successful Entrepreneurs And Rich People Don’t Think Like You?

So why don't successful entrepreneurs and rich people think like average people? What makes them think differently? What are the common traits successful entrepreneurs and rich people possess?
myth of working from home debunked

Top 5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Work From Home

Work-from-home jobs have recently been made popular thanks to modern technology. Here are the common mistakes you should avoid when you work from home.
motivational books for young entrepreneurs

5 Great Motivational Books Young Entrepreneurs Will Ever Need For Inspiration

Entrepreneur inspirations can come from anywhere and at any time. Check out these motivational and inspirational books that can inspire you as an entrepreneur.
entrepreneurship success and successful entrepreneurs

These 5 Valuable Success Recipes Can Motivate Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Success or being a successful entrepreneur is one of the sweetest things in life which not many people have been able to accomplished. So have you got the key to a successful future?
Starting A New Business? 5 Smart Business Management Tips You Should Consider

Starting A New Business? Here Are Smart Business Management Tips You Should Consider For...

Starting a business and reinventing yourself can help pave way for a successful future. This is one of the most important steps to take towards a meaningful life. Are you ready to take the risk?
Gangnam style music video business lessions for young entrepreneurs

Top 4 Business Success Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From PSY & Gangnam Style Music...

Entrepreneurial success does not only rely on innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas, there are other factors that usually contribute to business success that lots of entrepreneurs know about.
well-paid work from home jobs that you can do

Top 5 Well-Paid And Lucrative Work-From-Home Jobs You Should Consider

There has been a sudden rise in work-from-home jobs where people use their residence as their office. Work-from-home jobs have been particularly made easier with the help of modern technology.
genius Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone

Inspiration Corner: Young And Self-Taught Engineering Whiz From Sierra Leone, Wows MIT Experts

By inventing creative solutions to his daily problems, Kelvin Doe is fostering growth and bringing fundamental change to his community and Sierra Leone.


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