entrepreneurs attracting the right investors to their business

Initial Steps to Take to Attract the right Investors to Your Business

Young entrepreneurs find it hard to attract the right investors. This article highlights the initial steps for attracting the right investors to your business
business diversification tips

How To Easily Get Your Business Ready for Diversification

Diversification is a crucial step to take for any small business looking to thrive in today’s marketplace. But is your business ready for diversification?
frustrated and struggling young businessman

What To Do If Your Business Is Struggling

How do you revive a struggling business? What are the things to do if your business is struggling? Here are the essential things to do to revive a struggling business
customer at restaurant and double bookings

Clever Ways To Attract New Customers and Double Your Restaurant’s Bookings

Do you know how to double your restaurant's bookings? Every restaurant business owner wants to attract new customers but do you know how to do it?
how to make your home office secure and safe

Working from Home? 3 Ways To Keep Your Home Office Safe and Secure

Are you a freelancer and do you work from home? Here are some of the best ways to keep your home office safe and secure
entrepreneurship, logistics and internet shopping

The Importance of Logistics Services for E-Commerce SMEs

Logistics management is a key aspect of the eCommerce SMEs. This article highlights the importance of logistics services for eCommerce SMEs
self-employment working from home hidden costs

Hidden Costs Of Self-Employment You Probably Don’t Know

There is more to self-employment that what you probably think. Here are some of the hidden costs of self-employment you should know
learning from experience helps in business matters

How Learning from Experience Helps in Business and Life Matters

Learning from experience is one of the best ways to make your business succeed. Life teaches us so many lessons and it's our responsibility to make use of the experience to create new opportunities.
how young entrepreneurs can stay focused and productive

Smart Ways Young Entrepreneurs Can Stay Focused and Be More Productive

Time is an important resource in entrepreneurship but it's never enough to get things done. Here are smart ways young entrepreneurs can stay focused and be more productive
artificial intelligence impacts on businesses

5 Key Impacts AI Will Soon Have on Businesses … Are You Ready?

Artificial intelligence [AI] is already having great impacts on modern business management. Here are the key impacts AI will have on businesses in the next few years.
business events planning

Being Small, Looking Big! How To Easily Plan Your Next Business Events With a...

Being a small business doesn't mean you can't think and look big. This is how to easily plan your next business events with a definite wow factor
how to be a better business owner

4 Habits That Will Make You A Better Business Owner

Anyone can start and run a new business but you have to do more to be a better business owner. As an entrepreneur, here are the habits you need to develop to improve your abilities and be more successful in your career.
get a purpose-built office complex for your small business

Best Time to Move a Business from the Home Office into a Purpose-built Complex

When is the perfect time for your business to upscale into a purpose-built office complex? This article shows the best time to move a business from home office into a purpose-built complex.
entrepreneur managing supply chains

Why Managed Supply Chain Is Essential to Smaller Businesses

The supply chain is the backbone of every business and especially, eCommerce businesses. This is why managed supply chain is important to smaller businesses
self-employment and working from home

Can Self-Employment Close The Wage Gap?

The infographic here shows that women who work for themselves earn 28% less than their male peers in America. So, can self-employment actually close the wage gap?


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