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10+ Interesting Career Choices for Accountants

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career choices for accountants

Have you completed your accounting degree and want to know what job options are available? Maybe you’re thinking of becoming an accountant and want to know the different career outcomes that are possible?

Accountancy qualifications can prove useful across a wide range of careers, especially, in management and finance. As a matter of fact, there are more than 10 interesting career choices for accountants.

As a career, studying accountancy will offer you a professional qualification, high salaries, and opportunities to work internationally. In this article, we are going to explore ten career choices that are great for accountants.

Interesting Career Choices for Accountants

#1]. Chief Financial Officer

A CFO or Chief Financial Officer is the highest you can go when working within a business. However, this is not a career that happens overnight and it takes a lot to become a chief financial officer. In other words, it takes years of experience and expertise to build yourself up to this role or position.

This is why the profession has one of the highest paychecks almost everyone aspires to achieve. Within this role, you have to take care of a company’s budget/expenditure, maintain financial well-being, and overall make sure the company is functioning at its full capacity.

#2]. Tax Accountant

Whether as a business or individual, tax is something that must be done by all of us. And to help make that process easier, most individuals and companies choose to hire a tax accountant.

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Tax accountants work yearlong to ensure that businesses are tax compliant and make necessary payments. They also work to make sure that you get as much tax back as possible.

#3]. Financial Analyst

If you have a passion for working with data, then becoming a financial analyst might be the right choice for you. Financial analysts work by analyzing company data and making decisions with it. This could be making future predictions, locating errors, and finding out where the most money is spent.


#4]. Accounting Software Developer

Love technology and finance? An accounting software developer works within a team to help develop relevant software to be used by companies. Using computer science, they can come up with practical tools to help manage accounts, analyze data, and continuously look to the future of accounting.

#5]. Spectator Sports Accounting

Competitive sports often have a large amount of money behind them, so it’s only evident that accountants would be there to help manage everything. An individual that works as an accountant in spectators’ sports assists by paying taxes, recommending improvements to the budget, and maintaining the financial records.

#6]. Celebrity Financial Advisor

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a celebrity and have all the money in the world to spend? Well, you may be able to get a glimpse of that life by becoming a celebrity financial advisor.

Although it’s not the easiest job to get into, they work by managing all the finance side of things, including expenditures, future planning, and investments.

#7]. Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant’s job is to deal with any fraud or auditing issues and use both their knowledge of accounting, law, and analytics. Jobs for this area are in high demand, and you can be working alongside the FBI and government agencies.

You’ll be responsible for testifying in court and locating any financial fraud issues. If you enjoy number crunching and solving crimes, this would be the perfect choice for you.

#8]. FBI Agent in Accounting

One of the most exciting jobs, an FBI Agent in Accounting, works alongside the FBI Investigators assisting in white-collar crimes. This includes bribery, fraud, and wage theft.

Money crimes are increasing daily, due to the internet, where the money is both sent and received online. Alongside preparing evidence, you’ll also be responsible for monitoring budgets and expenditure.

#9]. Compliance Analyst

A compliance analyst works inside a company to ensure all of its policies and procedures are relevant and up to date. They analyze the data, to identify any weaknesses, and then assist with any amendments.

#10]. Auditor

One of the most common careers that accountants choose to go into is that of an auditor. They can either work for government agencies to expose businesses or assist companies in ensuring that everything is perfect.

Auditors work mostly with record-keeping and help ensure that any financial records are accurate and that nothing shady is going on behind closed doors.

#11]. Certified Bookkeeper

Every business needs a bookkeeper, and if you already have an accounting degree, you might find this job a walk in the park. Bookkeepers manage all financial records and assist with other clerical duties, such as paying workers and paying the bills.


In short terms, they take care of all things financial. And there you have it! These were ten careers that you might find interesting if you are working as an accountant.

Remember to trust your instincts, so that you can choose a job that is right for you. Still, having trouble deciding? Try and online test to find your dream career today.



10+ Interesting Career Choices for Accountants
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