There is no dearth of resources, tools, and apps available for entrepreneurs in the online marketplace. You can easily find and download tools from the internet for your usage.

But due to lack of time and financial resources, it becomes necessary to choose the tools wisely. You won’t want to waste money on resources that will have no tangible effects on your business.

As an entrepreneur, there are so many useful online resources and tools that can help you in running the business.

From marketing to financial tools such as billing tools to track bills and invoices, every small business owner relies on tools like this for their startup.

Essential tools for every entrepreneur

So, whether you are a small business owner or just planning to set up a new company, a list of handful tools is a good way to handle marketing, operations, accounts, designing, project management etc.

Essential tools for every entrepreneur

In this article, you will read about some of the most useful tools that every entrepreneur must have which will simplify the way they manage their work and life. In fact, that’s the sole purpose of tools to make our lives as easy it can be.

#1]. All-in-one project management tool @ ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management software for your growing business needs
ProofHub is an all-in-one project management software for your growing business needs

ProofHub is a project management tool meant for entrepreneurs to help them manage their projects, teams, and clients. This tool has a simple interface which is easy to use and anyone can adapt to it within few minutes of its usage. Using ProofHub, you can allocate right tasks to the right person, set deadlines, participate in group chats, and discuss important stuff instantly.

The greatest advantage of ProofHub is that it saves you from long email lists. It also lets you know about the important things with its notification feature. Another amazing feature is its online proofing tool which lets you and your team upload, review and make changes in an important file quickly.

#2]. eSignatures simplified @ HelloSign

HelloSign is an eSignature platform with the security to protect
HelloSign is a powerful eSignature platform with the security to protect important documents

HelloSign is an eSignature platform that entrepreneurs can use to sign documents with legally binding e-signatures. With this tool, you can easily affix your signatures to documents no matter where you store them. You can derive your signatures from email, Dropbox,, SkyDrive, Evernote, and Google Drive.

The tool is easy to use; simply drag and drop the documents to upload it on this platform. You can also create your signature, insert it in a document, choose the recipient and then hit the “Send” button. The tool lets you accelerate the processing of applications and get your orders approved. You can also close deals quickly and speed up the implementation of agreements with this tool. You are free to sign documents from your iPad, iPhone, Gmail or also from their forthcoming Android app.

#3]. Get inspired to build your business @ Fiverr

Fiverr helps simplify all your business needs
Fiverr helps simplify all you needs to build and grow your business

Fiverr is a freelance service marketplace where entrepreneurs can hunt for the best talent for their business project. Every entrepreneur needs good talent to make their business successful. This is where and other alternative sites like Fiverr are really useful to hire freelancers. You can find and hire efficient freelancers from this platform which will help you in building your brand in the best possible way.

Here entrepreneurs have access to service sellers at three different seller levels to find the most appropriate professional that fits their skills and budget requirements. Fiverr also lets buyers see reviews on a seller’s profile before they reach a decision of collaborating with the freelancer.

#4]. Create your stunning website @ Wix

Wix lets you create a stunning website for free
Wix lets you create a stunning website for free with easy drag and drop functionalities

Wix helps you build your own website with little effort and maximum creativity. It offers amazing features including free account option, strong commerce, online storage for site assets, animations, mobile apps, and cool video backgrounds. All you need is an email address to get started on Wix.

A paid account option is also available if you want to create a website without Wix promotions, web store, custom favicon, and a custom URL. The plans range from $5-per-month Connect Domain account to full-fledged $25-per-month VIP plan which comes with 20GB storage, a shopping cart, domain name, professional site review, priority support and unlimited bandwidth.

#5]. Connect with other like-minded people @ Meetup

Meetup is a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded people
Meetup is a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded people

Meetup is a platform where people come together to explore, learn, and implement their ideas. It helps you to organise, collaborate, and plan things as a team. The platform has a simple idea behind it: when people come together to do stuff which is important to them then it brings about best results.

So, if a group of people are planning to run a marathon then they can come together on running Meetups. Similar, if they write, then they can use writing Meetups, change their careers then organise career Meetups. The basic idea is to talk, discuss, mentor and uplift each other.

#6]. Get valuable media coverage @ HARO

HARO helps you build a great media contacts around the world
HARO helps you build a great media contacts around the world

HARO is an abbreviation for “Help a Reporter Out” and it is a great resource for journalists and PR persons. This is another useful business tool for entrepreneurs that you should check out. HARO serves as a platform for a robust database for journalists with latest stories and opportunities.

Entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry can use HARO to achieve their goals. It also helps you to get backlinks for SEO from reputable websites. The result is a higher rank in the Google search rankings and more traffic to your website. HARO allows you to connected with journalists and bloggers around the world and build great media contacts.

#7]. Design awesome content marketing materials @ Canva

Canva lets you create awesome content marketing materials
Canva lets you create awesome content marketing materials

Canva is a powerful web-based graphic design tool entrepreneurs can use for creative purpose. This tool gives you have access to amazing design layouts for creating posters, flyers, social media graphics, presentations, invitations and others. It offers a drag-and-drop interface which makes it easy for both designers and non-designers to take advantage of it for building custom print and web media.

Also, the tool offers a stock library of around million photographs, graphics, illustrations, fonts etc. Along with design layouts and stock library, it also offers preset photo filters and advanced photo editing tools. It allows users to upload their own photos, illustrations, and vectors. You can share your designs through email to social media or even export to your camera roll.

#8]. Work from anywhere with cloud desktop @ CloudDesktopOnline

CloudDesktopOnline offers useful technologies that let you work from anywhere
CloudDesktopOnline offers useful technologies that let you work from anywhere

Work from anywhere on any device with a virtual cloud desktop by CloudDesktopOnline. The company offers services that are designed specifically for small businesses and young entrepreneurs. It hosts essential applications that modern businesses need so that you can be more productive from anywhere, and on any device. For cloud-related business software such as Office365, try 0365CloudExperts.

I hope the above tools will help every entrepreneur to handle his projects and work in an organized manner. If there are more tools and resources that can be added to the list, please feel free to share them as comments below.

7 Essential Business Tools for Every Entrepreneur
PIN IT: 7 Essential Business Tools for Every Entrepreneur
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