Your customers should come first in your business marketing activities because they are the mainstay of any successful business.

This is why keeping customers happy should undoubtedly be the priority of any business owner.

When your customers are happy, the effects will evidently show on your business sales and revenue. This means that happy customers help improve your business marketing and sales lead through word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations.

Customers often stay loyal to a certain brand or company as long as they are happy with the brand. But when there is a problem in relationships between a business and customers, they wouldn’t hesitate to take their patronage somewhere else.

Business marketing, brand reputation and customers relations

Unlike any other relationships, the relationship between your business and your customers is essential, especially for your business marketing, brand development, and brand management. Business owners should there make sure that they build a strong customer relationship with their business.

word-of-mouth marketing and brand reputation

You have to make customers as happy as possible. The moments they feel unhappy or ignored, they will stop patronising your business and word-of-mouth marketing will be seriously affected.

You have to focus on how your business will remain your customer’s number one favourite. This should be your main objective because it’s highly essential for your business to be successful.

How to keep customers happy and boost brand reputation

So why is it important to always keep your customers happy? Why does your business need to remain a favourite to your customers? What are the influences of happy customers on word-of-mouth business marketing?

Simply put, you should keep your customers happy so that they will not lose touch with your business. The moments your customers start to feel unhappy, the door opens for someone else to swoop in and poach those very same previously loyal customers away from you.

Below are tips on how you can ensure great brand management by keeping your customers very happy and making them feel important:

#1]. Be consistent in your social media activities

Social media is now one of the primary sources of news and information for most people including your ‘customers’. And not only that, social media also offers a great way to businesses to interact and keep in touch with their customers.

For these reasons alone, it’s very important for your business to always stay active on social media. The fact is that the active your business is on social media, the better it’s for business marketing and brand management.

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Be consistent because when you start to fade away on social media, you definitely run the risk of being forgotten, even by your loyal customers. They will slowly become more interested in ‘someone else’ and perhaps end up jumping ship and moving on.

#2]. Consistent email marketing campaign is essential

Email marketing is arguably the cheapest business marketing means and it is capable of higher conversions for any business. However, it’s important to be consistent if you want your business to be able to benefit from newsletter marketing or email marketing.

I said you should be consistent because most people check their email at least once a day, and you would not want to miss out on the opportunity to get people to read your email marketing campaigns. Remember, out of sight is sometimes out of mind!

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You have to constantly remind your customers that you are not only still out there, but ready and waiting to deliver to them the exact goods and services that they need, and that you are committed to your customer service and high-quality reputation.

#3]. Address issues and complaints promptly

Customer loyalty will start to slip, and it will slip fast the moment that a customer feels like they wait too long to hear back from you.

There are times when a customer will have a question or concern about your products or services, you have to be sure that you address it as soon as you possibly can. Live chat can be really helpful for a quick one-to-one chat with customers.

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The simple fact is that for your business marketing activities to be successful, you must be able to constantly keep your customers happy. If your customers are not happily satisfied with your business, it will have negative impacts on word-of-mouth marketing.

Also, brand management requires that you keep close tabs on your loyal customers and maintain the relationships and connections that you have developed.

These connections are extremely valuable as they are going to be important for your business success. When you do this and follow the tips above, you will find it easier to maintain the relationships with your customers more easily.


How Businesses Can Keep Customers Happy For Word-of-Mouth Marketing And Great Brand Reputation
PIN IT: How Businesses Can Keep Customers Happy For Word-of-Mouth Marketing And Great Brand Reputation
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  1. Hi Elechi,

    Actually I was reading another article on this platform “The Actual Cost Of Bad Customer Service Entrepreneurs Should Know” and there I saw link to this article, thought to check it out, its a superb piece.

    Now let me augment it with more value so that whoever reads it, get’s the maximum out of it, coming to keeping customers happy to get them do WOMM or word of mouth marketing for your business, brand there are certain sure objective scientific ways you can achieve that.

    But first let me emphasize the importance of word of mouth marketing in success of business, According to a research, WOMM is the main reason behind 20-50% purchase decisions and 10% increase in WOMM increases sales by 1.5%. (5)

    20-50% purchase decisions are coming from word of mouth marketing marketing that means half of your sales at least are due to word of mouth marketing so definitely word of mouth is vital for success of any business!

    Research shows that in case of extreme customer satisfaction WOM occurs more frequently (28). That means if you want your customer to do word of mouth marketing for you, one scientific objective solid way is to give them extreme satisfaction with your product/service or brand.

    Now extreme satisfaction can be achieved by providing great customer service, great product/service quality and the sky is the limit, What you need to do is, a little research that specifically point outs things that result in customer satisfaction, then considering your business model capacity, financial feasibility etc try to work on those “things” and you will reap benefits of word of mouth marketing!


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