The Legal Side of Entrepreneurship: 3 Situations That Call for a Business Attorney

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3 Situations That Call for a Business Attorney

Entrepreneurship comes with all sorts of laws and legal obligations, and as an entrepreneur, this is why you’ll need to hire a business attorney to help you out.

Today’s entrepreneurs usually have plenty of things on their minds. This is because starting your own business and to successfully run it is not as easy as some people might think.

As an entrepreneur, there’re times when you’ll think you can handle things yourself. This is when you may be singleminded enough to believe that you can cope with most problems on your own. Especially, without the need to call in outside assistance to help you out.

why you need business attorney

However, there are definitely scenarios where you may well need the services of a business law attorney in order to protect your interests and resolve any issues as swiftly as possible. Running a business involves a number of legal practicalities that you have to conform with.

This is the kind of situation where you may want to consider calling an attorney to help. As a result, hiring an attorney will allow you to focus on keeping your company generating profits. Below are some situations where hiring an attorney could be the best thing to do.

Every entrepreneur has a number of legal obligations to honour when running a business. In most cases, this includes making sure that you comply with federal government filing obligations. Also, it sometimes includes obtaining permits and licenses.

Usually, most of these obligations could be handled internally. However, there will probably be occasions when your business is asked to respond to a complaint in the nick of time. Also, you may also be asked to respond to an investigation relating to something like an alleged violation of employment laws.

Additionally, you might need an attorney to sort out a legal issue if you were restructuring the business. In this case, you may want to make sure you were allocating shares and doing the paperwork properly. This means you want to do things in compliance with tax and federal filing requirements.


#2]. Negotiating a sale

Also, you will need an attorney if you have built up your business and decide you want to arrange to sell it. You will need an attorney to help advise you on the various legal aspects of selling the business. In this case, your attorney’s input should prove invaluable when it comes to structuring the documentation to protect your interests.

At times, negotiating a sale or restructuring business can be a complex task. Although you will know what you want out of the deal in terms of money and exit strategy, however, a business attorney will be able to help you achieve that aim in the right way.

#3]. To defend your business

As your business grows you will add employees and develop trading relationships with suppliers and customers. Though you would hope that these business relationships remain cordial. However, this is not the reality of relationships and in some cases, the end is sometimes really messy.

The fact is that there is always the prospect of a deal turning sour or a disgruntled employee deciding to sue you for some particular reasons. If your business is facing this sort of legal threat it is clear that an attorney with experience in this area of legal work would be good to have on your side.

An obvious drawback would be the prospect of spending money on defending yourself and that might tempt you to try and resolve the issue yourself. However, it can often be the case that your financial outlay in this respect can turn out to be money well spent if it means you avoid being on the wrong end of a lawsuit payout.

You don’t always need a business attorney by your side but there are clear situations where it makes sound commercial sense to call in some help and it could even save you money in certain circumstances.



3 Situations That Call for a Business Attorney
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