How To Build and Maintain Healthy Relationships

This article features some of the best tips on how to build and maintain healthy relationships...

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How do you build and maintain healthy relationships in this modern and fast-paced world where almost everyone is always busy?

Nowadays, to say that people are struggling to be in a relationship for one reasons or the others in not an overstatement.

In fact, the rates at which marriages are failing in the Western countries and probably across the globe, is unbelievably high.

However, building and maintaining healthy relationships is essential, especially to boost your mental health.

In fact, healthy relationship is one of the practical steps to take to live a healthier life and boosting healthy living.

Building healthy relationships

What’s healthy relationships and what do they entails? Simply put, healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, and respect between partners.

Furthermore, it also involves open communication between partners and taking effort and compromise from both people.

In essence, a healthy relationship means that both people are communicating. It means talking openly about problems and listen to one another.

In a healthy relationship, there is no imbalance of power and this means partners respect each other’s independence. Below are some of the tips on building and maintaining healthy relationships:


#1]. Get to know yourself

Take the time to appreciate yourself and get in touch with your emotions to be able to express yourself clearly and more effectively. 

Not knowing how to regulate your emotions and express them healthily can negatively affect your mental wellbeing.

#2]. Put in the work

Healthy relationships are built and maintained by partners with good understanding of themselves. However, you don’t make this happen without you putting in the effort it requires to build a healthy relationship.

In essence, it takes dedication, readiness, and willingness to accommodate one another’s demands for a relationship to be healthy.

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#3]. Set and respect boundaries

Setting boundaries is not only about what you don’t want or like in your relationships, but also about letting the people around you know what you appreciate.

Think about and let others know where your boundaries are; respecting your time alone for example. Doing this can take the pressure off your relationship to commit to anything unrealistic.

#4]. Talk and listen to build trust

Having disagreements or misunderstanding is actually part a relationship and there is nothing wrong with that. However, the most important thing is to always ensure that conflicts or difference of opinions don’t cause a big issue.

In other words, what matters in relationships is how you talk, listen, and relate to one another. The fact is that it’s important to always listen to understand, rather than listening to respond.

Talk and listen to build trust in your relationship. Also, don’t hesitate to share your feelings or weaknesses with people you trust.

#5]. Less control

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship does entails sharing responsibilities and at times, let go of control. The fact is that how we react to our encounters matter when it comes to healthy relationships.

One thing you should know is that you can only really control what you do and not what anyone else does. As soon as you realised this, it will save you time and unnecessary stress in your relationships.


#6]. Reflect and learn

Did you know that being able to reflect and learn from a certain situation is also very good in order to maintain a healthy relationship?

In fact, relationships involve discovering and learning as well as the expressions of one’s feelings. However, being able to express your feelings in a healthy way also means you’ll react to other’s feelings in a healthy way.

Additionally, being upset is good in a relationship but don’t keep malice with people for so long. What you should know is that being angry with someone is often as a result of feeling hurt and upset.

But you can easily mitigate the effects of this by reflecting and learning from the situation and feel no malice toward others.



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Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
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