Marketing is not an option for businesses nowadays; it’s a must if you truly want to boost your sales pipeline.

The fact is that most businesses are operating in a highly competitive market. This means that you will have to do more to be able to get a better share of the market.

So, which other ways easy ways do you intend to gain a good market share other than marketing? This is why marketing has become a necessity for businesses nowadays.

However, marketing your business is never as easy as eating cake. Being one of the most important aspects of the business management, you must have a proper marketing plan and strategy.

Improving your sales pipeline with marketing automation

If you truly want your business to compete really well, there is no other way to go about it than marketing. But the fact is that so many things go into business marketing other than marketing materials.

People sometimes incorrectly use marketing materials to measure marketing campaigns success. It shouldn’t just be about marketing materials. What about the execution and marketing channels?

Using Marketing Automation To Boost Your Sales Pipeline

One of the biggest challenges facing most marketers is scale. How do you nurture enough new leads at every step of the buyer journey to increase revenue?

This is where marketing automation platforms such as GetResponse and Optimizely can be enormously helpful to your business because they enable businesses to do more. They offer sophisticated tools to develop, measure, score and analyse marketing campaigns.

From landing page creation to email marketing and customer relationship management, everything becomes more efficient with marketing automation.

Reaching more potential customers with marketing automation

Investment in marketing automation is surely a good investment. It offers the ability to reach more potential customers and to better evaluate or convert leads.

How much is this investment expected to pay off? Businesses that invest in marketing automation platforms say they see a 10% increase on average in their sales pipeline.

That bump may not sound earth shattering, but keep in mind that it reflects an increase in high-quality leads, not just broad traffic.

Of course, marketing automation platforms aren’t that new (in digital time, at least). What’s fresh is the ability of these tools to handle more and more tasks, and for the systems to be integrated.

The seamless blending of platforms isn’t simple but if done well, it can increase scale and efficiency throughout your marketing and sales processes.


How To Improve your sales pipeline with marketing automation
PIN IT: Improving your sales pipeline with marketing automation

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  1. Thanks for posting. Choosing a marketing automation platform is certainly not easy. We’ve had quite a few options to choose from, but in the end, we’ve settled for GetResponse.


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