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Does Studying and Graduating with an MBA Provide a Boost to Your Career?

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 6 Min Read
Does Studying and Graduating with an MBA Provide a Boost to Your Career?

How do you boost your career and prospect of landing a well-paid job? Nowadays, there is so much competition in the job space. This is why it’s often a good idea to consider increasing your education.

It’s arguably the best way to boost your career and prospect of landing a well-paid job. This will automatically provide a potential boost to your future career because your CV will be more complete at that point.

Of course, it matters what kind of graduate or post-graduate degree that you take. They aren’t all worth the same in the job marketplace. Certainly, a post-graduate degree is more worthwhile.

Does Studying and Graduating with an MBA Provide a Boost to Your Career?

For instance, the MBA has a reputation, clout and broad application for business purposes. This is what makes it a choice worth close consideration. Let’s now zoom in on how an MBA might put your career on a positive or accelerated trajectory.

#1]. Become instantly more credible

By studying for an MBA, it makes it clear to any employer that you are determined to have a growing career. Not content to sit on the side-lines, never getting promoted and watching the clock. Instead, you’re a go-getter who wants to move up in the UK business world.

An MBA covers topics that apply to different business situations. This is why companies sometimes keep a check on what you’re learning and adjust your work accordingly. Alternatively, they may earmark you for something else once you’re further along in the course.

#2]. Alumni networking opportunities

Many of the better jobs never go out to executive recruitment services or mainstream recruitment consultants. Actually, at the upper levels, it’s more about enquiring through a wide range of contacts whether anyone has heard of a promising potential candidate when looking to fill a senior position.

Given that senior management recruitment often requires months, not weeks, to fill positions with the right candidate, tapping the network for recommendations is reasonable. When you’ve qualified with an MBA, there’s an establishment alumni network to tap into and see who might have impressed people in the network.


Or maybe a course professor knows someone who’s recently graduated or knows someone who’s lacked sufficient opportunities in a previous post but is ready for a bigger challenge now.

#3]. Better salary opportunities

Better-paying jobs don’t just land in the lap of an MBA graduate. However, opportunities are there for those who market themselves well. Certainly, an MBA graduate’s pay bump doesn’t happen typically upon graduation.

However, the greater knowledge leads to an employer (and other companies) seeing a higher value and greater potential for their employee to do more. This may lead to being urged to apply for a new job opening at a higher level within the same organisation which wouldn’t necessarily have been open to you previously.

The salary bump depends on taking on more responsibility. If a new role involves financial planning, reorganising the company for operational efficiency or looking for new business avenues to expand into, then the money should be there. Companies need to see a financial gain from your work in a new position, so demonstrating that is good too.

#4]. Become a trouble-shooter for companies

When completing an MBA, the understanding of business, right down to the nuts and bolts, is quite advanced. By contrast, a basic business degree or unrelated one won’t go into sufficient detail on what makes companies tick and therefore, how to analyse them to see how to do things better.

Becoming known as someone who can fix a company’s problems and suggest a way forward as a trouble-shooter has a long history in British businesses. Company owners appreciate this skillset, and it’s necessary for businesses that are struggling and need some fresh ideas. Certainly, with an MBA, this is a role that’s within your remit.

#5]. Promotions: Get unstuck once again

Are you feeling a bit stuck at the same level for the last few years and wish to move up? If this is your situation, then it’s the right time for you to be more positive and forward-thinking. This is because graduates with an MBA are likely to get promoted to an upper-level position in management.

Having an MBA certainly doesn’t guarantee it, you’ve still got to warrant a promotion. But it does ensure you have the knowledge and credentials to be worthy of consideration (or re-consideration) for an open position. To learn more about other ways that an MBA can improve your career, click here.

Wanting to move your career in a positive direction often requires something different from what you are doing. A new qualification on a CV or better experience from recent employment is good. It can act as a catalyst for finding new ways to move up or find a more interesting job elsewhere.



Does Studying and Graduating with an MBA Provide a Boost to Your Career?
PIN IT: Does Studying and Graduating with an MBA Help Boost Your Career?
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