There are several avenues for seeking inspiration for the design of your business website. You need to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the rest by using impressive web designs.

Web designs do not really contribute in a big way in terms of search engine optimisation or internet marketing. However, web design can play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall performance of your business.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today and its number of users has easily doubled in the past couple of years.

Moreover, almost 50 per cent of the total brands in the United States is using Instagram for promotion and exposure.

Your social media audience would, sometimes, go back to your website for more information or to take action. However, if they find a badly designed and unresponsive site, your sales are bound to drop.

web design features bost with Instagram

Note that web traffic coming to a poorly-designed website would go back without converting.

This is why you must try harder and go much beyond gaining followers for Instagram.

Instagram is a highly-appreciated social media platform for both businesses and individuals across the world.

It’s a fascinating way of exhibiting your brand, business, and an impressive variety of products.

High-quality and high-resolution images

A unique web design would require a business to focus on using high-quality images. You need to use images that would get a positive response from other online users. Currently, there is a growing need for businesses to include more videos and images in social media posts. This way, you can easily leverage social media platforms and online imagery. You must showcase the top quality and high-resolution pictures to gain maximum engagement.

Be a minimalist

Web users would be finding a disorganised and cluttered site really atrocious. They are naturally looking for a neatly designed and clearly defined website. This means that there is no scope for compromising UX. You are required to get rid of unnecessary distractions. You should opt for designing a clutter-free website as users do not like the idea of multiple widgets.

Create a robust online presence

The Internet is undoubtedly a virtual marketplace and so a solid online presence will help a lot. It would help you stay ahead of the curve and users would be easily identifying your brand. Your Instagram account should be easily accessible to your audience. This will have positive impacts on your website as users will be able to visit your website from your social media accounts.

You could strengthen your overall online presence by simply posting spectacular, convincing, and fascinating images. This will attract and drive more and more users to your website. A good web design helps in successful conversion rates and in turn, boosts your business’s bottom line.


Instagram is supposed to be the shining star for various brands for combining together social media marketing and SEO efforts. Reputed companies are constantly tapping into this golden opportunity. They are now making Instagram content really spectacular and stunning. One of the best ways to make Instagram work for your website is by incorporating user-generated content.

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Daniel Mattei is an Instagram marketing expert and a passionate blogger. He offers vital information and tips on how to boost followers on Instagram.


How to Boost Web Design Features with the Help of Instagram
PIN IT: How to Boost Web Design Features with the Help of Instagram
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