5 Awesome Stuff You Should Know About BlackBerry Passport Smartphone

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The Android smartphones have taken over the smartphone market, however, BlackBerry Passport is one of the best smartphones out there today.

From design to functionality, the BlackBerry Passport smartphone is definitely a thing of joy to hold in one’s hand. But can Blackberry wrestle some of the market shares from the likes of Apple, Nokia, and Windows Phone?

Blackberry Passport

BlackBerry Passport features

No doubt about it, the BlackBerry Passport has one of the best and most unique QWERTY keyboards ever, making it a brilliant phone for texting, BBM messages, and work emails.

No wonder, it has received so many positive reviews from most of the bloggers and users. Whether you’re always in touch with friends or need the perfect phone for work, the BlackBerry Passport is perfect.

Below are some of the most essential features of the recently released BlackBerry Passport smartphone:

#1]. Awesome design

The smartphone has a unique shape that works perfectly

A unique shape that works perfectly

The shape of the BlackBerry Passport means the keyboard is really wide and easy to use. Even the large touch screen has advantages. It provides an amazing viewing and reading experience, giving you a wider vision that unleashes your capabilities.

It is designed for a better web browsing, reading, apps, editing, and map experience. It fits more words in a single line, and research shows human eyes prefer that, making websites, emails, and spreadsheets much easier to read.


And with the stainless steel edging, the Passport is much harder than the metals on other phones, so it’s super hard to scratch. Looking for the best phone for typing and a great browser experience? That’s the BlackBerry Passport.

#2]. Functionality

Your own digital personal assistant

Blackberry Passport is your personal assistant

With a feature called BlackBerry Assistant – that lets you control the phone with your voice, the Passport automatically becomes your own digital personal assistant.

BlackBerry’s digital assistant lets you set reminders, alarms, connect on LinkedIn, search the net for answers to queries, and more all using just your voice. The handy button on the side lets you access it instantly too.

It also allows you to manage your email, contacts, calendar, and other BlackBerry 10 features through voice and text command. It helps you to execute tasks quickly such as responding to important emails, scheduling a meeting, or getting directions.

BlackBerry Assistant is intelligent enough to respond to you based on your situation. Speak freely to it and it will respond in kind. Type a query and it will respond simply with information on the screen.

When you’re connected to Bluetooth in the car, it knows you can’t look at the screen and will interact with you completely eyes and hands-free.

#3]. Design for chatting

Incredible for typing

The smartphone is good for typing

BlackBerry Passport has one of the best physical keyboards ever put on a smartphone, with large keys and lots of space. The keyboard is actually touched sensitive, so you can delete words or even scroll through pages by swiping your finger across it like a touchpad.

The Passport takes Blackberry’s iconic keyboard to the next level. The physical keyboard gives you more typing accuracy and leaves you more screen space for viewing.

It is also touch-enabled, so you can perform many functions right on the keyboard. It’s responsive to touch so you can scroll web pages, flick to type, or slide along the keys to move the cursor.

The BlackBerry Passport’s keyboard also offers predictive text to help speed things up when typing. When you see the word you were going to type, just swipe up on the keyboard. It’ll even predict the next word based on the word you just typed. Awesome indeed!


#4]. More power

HUGE package for exceptional battery life

Blackberry long battery life

With a massive 3,450mAh battery BlackBerry crammed inside it, the smartphone has a HUGE battery pack that will almost certainly deliver 24-hours of usage from a single charge.

This is one of the biggest of any smartphone, meaning you can make calls, text friends, and check spreadsheets as much as you want and not worry about having to find a power outlet.

Basically, when it comes to battery, the Passport is one of the best handsets currently on market. Switch to low-to-moderate and you are looking at a solid couple of days usage from a single charge.

The only bad news is the Passport’s battery is non-removable, meaning no hot-swapping on the go.

#5]. Crystal clear photos

Excellent photos from the 13MP camera

Blackberry Passport camera

The Passport comes with a 13MP camera that is excellent for photos. With this high-resolution camera, you get stunning details in your photos. The camera also has a feature called optical image stabilization.

This holds the camera steady in the phone’s body, meaning even if you are moving around or shaking, your photos will be crisp and blur-free.




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