Black Eyeliner Tips And Tricks: How To Apply Black Eyeliner

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Black eyeliner is a great tool for adding definition to the eyes and it’s owned by every beauty buff.

To some people, eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetics they can’t live without because it can give you a dramatic look without much time or effort.

When applied or worn correctly, black eyeliner can alter and compliment all eyes shapes, depending on how it is applied.

#1). If you have big set eyes

For example, if you have big eyes but would prefer a more sultry look, lining both your lash and water line will make your eyes appear smaller and in turn, stunningly seductive. Big eyes can also pull off high-volume lashes, so don’t be afraid to play around with falsies.

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#2). If you have deep-set eyes

Deep-set eyes can make you look sleepy. So, applying black eyeliner to the outer one-third of both your lash and water line will make your eyes stand out. If you are feeling creative, why not wing your eyeliner in order to emphasize the effect?

big black eyeliner eye lashes make up

#3). If you have small set eyes

For those with small eyes who want them to appear larger, lining your top lid alone will definitely do the trick. For an even more intense look, line your waterline with a white pencil eyeliner in order to make your eyes look even bigger.

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#4). If you have hooded set eyes

Hooded eyes are usually tricky to apply eyeliner too. As the skin on the brow bone often covers the lid, the definition of the upper eye and eyelid virtually disappear when the eyes are opened.

To get around this, lining the upper lid and adding false lashes will help to add dimension and make your eyes pop. For added effect, thicken up the line for a much stronger look.


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  • This a short but well written tips and I am loving it.
    I have read somewhere before about how to wear black eyeliner
    But I must say that your tips and tricks are much more simply put and straight forward

    • Thank Caroline, there are lots of “how to wear black eyeliner” out there on the internet but I discovered that many of them are either too complicated or simply not well written.

      Thanks for loving the article and blog.

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