Best WordPress Comment Systems You Can Use To Beautify Your Blog

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WordPress comment systems for bloggers

No doubt about it, comment systems add more value to WordPress as a blogging platform. Gone were days when blog comments used to be plain and simple.

You just install your WordPress and set up your blog without much worry over which of the comment systems you use.

Nowadays, things have changed! People want more than just commenting. This is why bloggers are concerned about how people comment or interact on their blogs.

Luckily, there are so many powerful WordPress plugins out there that bloggers can use to easily beautify their blogs.

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The majority of these WordPress plugins have contributed towards making WordPress a favourite amongst the bloggers and other website designers.

WordPress Comment Systems

Comments made by visitors added more value to your blog, especially with 3rd-party comment systems. They are particularly popular amongst bloggers because they do more than just allow visitors to comment.

Most of these 3rd-party WordPress comment systems support comprehensive comment management features.

For instance, they offer a backend, spam control, blacklist, or whitelist management system. Also, they allow easy integration with social media, theme customisation and much more.

This article features some of the best 3rd-party WordPress comment systems bloggers can use right now. We will also discuss some of their key features and why we think bloggers like them most.


#1]. IntenseDebate Comment System

IntenseDebate is one of the best WordPress comment systems

IntenseDebate is a popular comment system that allows blog owners to track and moderate comments from one place using threading, comment analytics, and aggregation. This is a multi-platform comment system that can be installed on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and many other blogging/CMS platforms.

IntenseDebate enhances and encourages conversation on a blog. The comment system comes with many useful features you can easily control through the comment system’s dashboard. With this comment system, you can build your reader community, increase your comments and boost page views.

Another great function of IntenseDebate is that it allows users to simultaneously tweet when they post a comment. It also notifies the commentators whenever someone responds to their comment. Additionally, you can report any inappropriate comment and it lets you state the reason for reporting. Download IntenseDebate comment system here…

#2]. Disqus Comment System

Disqus is one of the best WordPress comment systems

Disqus is another popular 3rd-party WordPress comment system and perhaps the most used amongst bloggers and website owners. This plugin makes commenting easier and more interactive while connecting websites and commentators across a thriving discussion community.

Disqus WordPress plugin seamlessly integrates using the Disqus API and by syncing with WordPress comments. To bring your old comments into Disqus, they must be exported from WordPress and imported into Disqus. It’s a mature comment management system you can easily moderate.

Disqus is mobile friendly and the website administrator will be able to manage comments on the go with Disqus mobile apps. For site owners, you can (optionally) be notified via email when a comment has been made on your website, and the best part is – you can respond to it right away from your email. Download Disqus comment system here…

#3]. Vuukle comment system

Vuukle is one of the best WordPress comment systems

Vuukle is another powerful comment system for WordPress-powered blogs and websites. It’s not just a comments platform, it’s a fully-featured user engagement platform. This is a good comment system you can use to make engagement and user retention easier.

Good engagement can help increase time spent by users that lead to a decrease in bounce rate which translates to better revenues. Vuukle with its diverse portfolio of products can help you achieve your goals.

Vuukle is fully responsive on both mobile and desktop including. It can help you increase page views per session as well as time spent on site. You can download Vuukle comment system here…


#4]. Facebook comments

Facebook offers one of the best WordPress comment systems

Facebook comments is another really good 3rd-party comment system you can also use on your blog. With the Facebook comment, you will be able to enjoy such benefits as increased brand awareness, building a stronger user base, and getting Facebook Insights for your site.

This social plugin enables users to comment on your site with a layer of Facebook authentication. It helps you get higher-quality comments for real Facebook users. It also allows your comments to be shared with friends or with people who like your page on the social network.

One of the awesome features of Facebook comments is its viral promotional capability. If the user leaving the comment checks the box “post to Facebook”, then your article shows up to all of their friends’ news feed giving you extra exposure. Download Facebook comments here…

#5]. Cackle comment system

Cackle is one of the best WordPress comment systems

Like others, Cackle is a comment system with the ability to authenticate via a social network or any OpenID provider. Cackle can be easily installed on any blog, news portal, or personal website.

To use the system, your users don’t need to register, they can log in using the existing profile in any social network, or leave a comment anonymously.

As of now, Cackle supports 18 social and OpenID providers for authentication, among them: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Yandex, Yahoo, LinkedIn,, Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal, Flickr, and many others.
Download here…


Powerful 3rd-Party WordPress Comment Systems To Power Your Blog
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