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Save Money By Fixing Used Equipment For Your New Restaurant

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 4 Min Read

We all know that starting a new business is not as easy as eating cake. Some startups require huge capital to get them off the ground while some can start off with small capital.

No matter the size of your startup, you will always need capital to finance your business, and especially to acquire needed equipment.

For someone planning to launch a new restaurant, the financial requirement is not a child play. You will need money to buy lots of stuff from kitchen equipment to foodstuff, tables, and chairs.

Can fixing used equipment save money?

Everyone knows that as a startup restaurant, money is likely tight. While having brand new equipment is preferred, it is not always within the budget.

So, can fixing used equipment help you save money? Yes, you can purchase used restaurant equipment and spend a minimal amount to have minor issues repaired.

The equipment can then last for several years before replacement is required. Below are some of the used equipment you can fix to help you launch your new restaurant:

#1]. Fixing walk-in coolers and freezers

Refrigeration and freezing elements can act up. Replacing commercial freezer parts can, in some cases, make the unit work better than when it was brand new.

walk-in cooler and freezer

Walk-in coolers can be a little trickier, but a skilled repair technician can save you thousands of dollars by completing a repair rather than deeming the cooler completely unusable.


When these major pieces of equipment go on the fritz, it does not necessarily mean that the repair will cost your profits for the week. In some cases, it is a simple hose or fitting that caused the issue.

#2]. Replacing cold station parts

Cold stations have to be kept at specific temperatures per health department regulations. A simple crack in the side of one of the compartments can cause inconsistent temperatures.

fountain drink system

These are fixable and do not always mean that the entire cold preparation or storage unit must be replaced.

Similar to walk-in coolers, a hose or fitting issue can also be the culprit of improper temperatures.

#3]. Upgrading fountain drink system

If you have purchased a restaurant location that has been out of operation for a considerable amount of time, consider upgrading the fountain drink system. Fresh lines and calibrations make for better-tasting drinks.

It is best to test the connections and mixtures prior to a repair technician leaving to ensure that every component is working properly and the mix of carbonated water to syrup is correct.

Inspecting your equipment is essential

Even when used restaurant equipment is purchased for a startup, always have the items inspected. This is also the case when you plan to use existing equipment in the establishment. Repairs can be made in most cases.

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This saves tens of thousands of dollars in purchasing brand new restaurant equipment. Getting off of the ground floor begins with a functional kitchen and desirable menu.

Brand new equipment can come after profits allow for the purchases. This may also increase business and allow for new food technology to be introduced to the establishment.



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  • My father owns his own small business and I know that it is hard to replace cold stations. Also, his station seems to always break down. Just like you say, a simple crack can cause inconsistent temperatures. So, it’s crucial that you keep it repaired and good to go.

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