Best 50 ways to drive web traffic to your blog is a list of some methods that can can be used or adopted to help grow your website.

Getting people to visit your website could at times be a headache most especially if you are new to the system.

As a blogger, it’s not always about writing readable and probably entertaining contents that matters; what also matters is getting the people to see your blog.

The Internet is a huge space where billions of websites fight to get traffics.

What do you expect? Of course there is massive competition from other websites as you are trying to woo people to visit your website, other websites are also doing the same thing.


The lucky ones are the big and well-established websites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Youtube etc.

All these websites will continue to get traffic not only because of their contents but also because they have the capabilities to retain visitors.

50 best ways to drive web traffic to your blog

If you have a blog or a proper website, below are few of the best methods to drive web traffic to your website, if you learn a bit more in detail and implement it effectively you are sure to gain success.

1. Pay-Per-Click
2. Banner Advertising
3. Ezine Advertising
4. Text Links
5. Leads (co-registration)
6. Offline Marketing
7. TV, Radio & Podcasts Advertising
8. Newspaper Advertising
9. Word of Mouth Referrals
10. Paid Inclusion
11. Traffic Packages
12. Classified Ads
13. Cost-Per-Action
14. Search Engine Optimization
15. Article Marketing
16. Affiliate Programs
17. Press Release
18. Directories
19. Forum Marketing
20. Email Signature
21. Shopping Sites
22. Shareware-Download Sites
24. Traffic Exchange
25. Banner Exchange
26. Link Exchange
27. CPA Networks
28. Affiliate Networks
29. Desktop Messaging
30. Contests & Races
31. Tele Seminars & Conferences
32. Write Testimonials
33. Surveys
34. Create a Product
35. Expired Domains
36. Exit Traffic
37. Myspace
38. Google, Yahoo & AOL Groups
39. Facebook
40. Social Bookmarking
41. Giveaway Events & Bonuses
42. Video Sites
43. Podcasting
44. Content Sites
45. Wikipedia & Wikihow
46. Yahoo Answers
47. Return traffic
48. List Building
49. Viral Traffic
50. Product Launches


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  1. I’ve found your blog to be quite informative. As someone new to blogging, I’m visiting various websites to learn about more about blogging in general and how I can monetize my blog. I’m going to bookmark your site so I can go to it from time to time.

  2. I have been looking for a well detailed idea on how to drive traffic to my new blog for sometime now and I have to say that this post has been very very useful. I hope this will help me get more traffic to my blog as i can’t wait to implement these tips. Thanks a million for this great post!

  3. i found this traffic secrets post very useful. and i’m going to adopt some of these methods in promoting my blogs


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