Alternative VoIP Phone Services For Small Business Communications

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Nowadays, VoIP phone services are having game-changing effects on the ways businesses communicate. They offer a better way to run business communications.

When it comes to customer phone support, every business owner wants to be able to run their business with no hassles.

We all know that customers are the mainstay of the business. However, the fact is that customer support, especially over the phone, is not as straightforward as counting ABC.

Thanks to modern technology, VoIP phone services are now the next big thing. Modern technology has made it easy for business owners to set up and manage their customer phone support through VoIP phone services.

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VoIP Phone Services For Small Business

While few providers only offer money-back guarantees, most of the VoIP phone numbers providers listed below are different. They offer a free trial period so you can evaluate the system before you actually subscribe.

The best way to go about it is to just make sure you carefully read the terms of services to prevent the hassle. Below are some of the most popular VoIP phone services we think you should try out:

#1]. RingCentral

Try RingCentral voip phone services
RingCentral stands in for a complex phone system as you’d get in a larger organisation but without the need for a PBX – the company quips that it works for businesses that don’t actually know what a PBX is (think internal phone exchange).

This is one of the best VoIP phone services out there and it’s really popular among the small business communities. It is voice-focused and brings a professional edge to VoIP for both small businesses and established companies.

#2]. Aircall

Try Aircall
Aircall is another good and one of the best voip phone services for small business we think you should check out. Their VoIP solution is an excellent way to simplify and localise the way you connect with your customers.


Aircall has a strong feature set. It provides you with local phone numbers in up to 30 countries. Also, you can cascade phone calls through team members to the shared inbox option for multiple employees to access voice messages.

#3]. Phone

Try voip phone services is also recommendable if you are looking for one of the top quality VoIP phone services for your small business. It offers affordable business VoIP phone service, toll free numbers and virtual pbx features.

Innovative features include conference calling for up to 500 people and SMS messaging to your number. Also, it offers the ability to send and receive faxes from your account, and integration with the mobile app, which allows you to start group messaging chats.

#4]. Lingo

Try Lingo
Lingo plans are specifically designed for small businesses. It offers digital home phone with 20+ calling features and a variety of U.S. and international long distance plans to suit your needs. Lingo business packages are affordable and scalable so you can upgrade the service as your business grows.

This VoIP phone service provider offers unlimited calls throughout the United States and in 45 countries, helping to cut your phone bills significantly. With Lingo, you can keep your present phone number in most cases and you can choose from no annual contract, one-year contract, and two-year contract options as well as a free activation.

#5]. Phonebooth

Try Phonebooth voip phone services
Phonebooth offers a variety of plans at affordable costs. Their business plans include unlimited calling, nationwide long distance, virtual receptionist, voicemail transcriptions and group conferences, all of which are designed for simplicity, productivity and reliability.

The best bit about this VoIP phone service provider is the fact that you don’t need to sign up for a contract, no set-up fees and you can cancel any time. Phonebooth claims to offer savings of up to 50 percent for business customers, a number anyone would be crazy to ignore especially if you are looking for a new provider.

#6). FreedomVoice

Try FreedomVoice
FreedomVoice offers a range of toll free 800 numbers and virtual phone systems, with the 800 numbers offered to customers in the United States and Canada. Their virtual phone systems are packaged with the 800 numbers and provide answering systems, and call forwarding or voicemail extensions.

FreedomVoice offers a number of pricing plans and optional services with some of the optional solutions including professional voice talents, voicemail transcription, and call recording among others. If you are looking for a full-featured PBX then it’s worth checking out FreedomIQ, a hosted VoIP PBX phone system that sends and receives calls through your internet connection.

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  • The lowest price is not the best service.Just like when getting bids for a project, the one that is way under the others can be a caution flag. Cheap is not always good when it comes to service. Choose a provider that has a price that is reasonable with the competition but not a low cost provider. You’ll be happier in the end.

  • Super list you have got here… I must say that I only just come across most of the names in this list

  • Look for quality and reliable service. The quality of VoIP service also depends on broadband connection speed. If you want to use some standalone VoIP providers, make sure you also have high-quality broadband connection.

  • Rather than using the traditional copper wires that landlines employ, VoIP phone systems use the same Internet connection that a company is already using to get online.

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