It’s festive season again, arguably the most important time on business marketing calendar. But do people actually have time to open and read their emails during the festive season?

Email marketing has been around since the nineties and it is still one of the cheapest means of marketing. But how well do you think your business marketing emails will perform during holiday seasons?

Does email marketing still remain the appropriate type of marketing for every audience? When is the best time your business should be sending marketing emails this holiday season?

Best time for business email marketing this holiday season

But can someone ever be able to understand how relevant email marketing is in today’s competitive market? The capability of email marketing cannot be overlooked in today’s world of digital marketing.

email marketing newsletter

The fact is that it’s capable of delivering the highest digital marketing-related return on investment or ROI. What goes inside of marketers’ emails matters according to HubSpot.

However, the time marketers send marketing emails is important too. The inbound marketing platform analysed more than 20 million emails sent over a 10-month period to help marketers pencil in important dates for next year.

Based on its analysis featured in the company’s 2015 email report, the infographic below highlights the best and worst times to send email to drive engagement.

best time for email marketing this holiday season


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