Yes, link building is still essentially relevant. However, building quality inbound links is much more essential today.

So why link building? What do you need it for? Building good backlink is good for website marketing and SEO as well as to increase web traffic and online sales.

But it’s not just about building links, it’s also about the quality of the links.

Quality matters in link building because links of high quality are the most important factor for off-site ranking that search engines rely on.

The undeniable fact is that Google has developed its ranking algorithm to such a degree where it is not possible to build links to a site indiscriminately and expect to rank.

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If you try this, you will be penalised. But is there a way to build links safely?

Best SEO tools for link building and backlink analysis

Link building and SEO tools

What are the SEO strategies to acquire links? There are indeed a number of appropriate and legitimate ways for doing so.

The greater the number of relevant and authoritative links to a web page, the greater the potential for higher search engine rankings and quality traffic.

Below are some of the best SEO tools for quality link building and backlink analysis as well as search engine rankings:

#1]. Ahrefs SEO Tool

Ahrefs backlink analysis tools

Ahrefs is one of the best destinations to go when it comes to best SEO tools for link building and backlink analysis. The company has grown to become one of the major players amongst SEO tool providers since it started out with Site Explorer in 2011.

They claim that their crawler processes up to 6 billion pages a day. Also, their index is updated with freshest backlinks found on the web every 15 minutes.

Ahrefs focuses on versatile backlinks discovery and presentation services. It has a mission and goal to provide competitive backlink intelligence data to help you make your website better. Signing up for Ahrefs will give you access to some of their awesome products such as the ones below.

Products and tools offer by Ahrefs
Site Explorer & Backlink Checker, Content Explorer, Crawl Report, Backlinks Report, Ahrefs API, Domain Comparison, Batch Analysis, SEO Toolbar, Plans & Pricing.

#2]. Link Assistant SEO PowerSuite

Link Assistant SEO PowerSuite

I’m one of the avid users of Link-Assistant is one of the best sources for SEO tools for link building and backlink analysis. It’s also a good place to be to keep yourself up-to-date on anything SEO.

SEO Powersuite offers search engine optimisation tool that makes SEO easy and affordable. It contains four distinct SEO software tools namely Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor and LinkAssistant.

The tool offers a complete set of effective SEO tools that is absolutely enough to achieve and maintain top traffic–generating positions in any search engine.

It is your advantage against any competition as it can help you improve rankings and outrank the competition.

Products and tools offer by Link-Assistant
SEO PowerSuite, Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant.

#3]. BuzzStream Link Building

Link Assistant SEO PowerSuite

This is another highly rated SEO tool worthy of checking out when you talk about best SEO tools for link building, backlink analysis and search engine rankings.

BuzzStream Link Building focuses on providing tools that help automate redundant tasks in relationship building.

Also, it’s a CRM system for link building with applications for SEO as well as online PR.

It helps you manage word-of-mouth marketing campaigns that create buzz, build links, and increase traffic to your website by helping you “be found” via inbound marketing channels.

Their Link Building tools are very robust for link detection, suggestions, relationship management and link management. The BuzzMarker bookmarklet allows easy addition of new link opportunities via the browser.

Products and tools offer by BuzzStream
BuzzStream for Link Building, BuzzStream for PR, BuzzStream API (Beta), Free Link Building Tools, Free PR Tools.

#4]. Majestic SEO Suite

Majestic SEO Suite

Majestic SEO is one of the first few company to offer SEO tools and services. This is why when people talk about SEO tools, Majestic SEO Suite is arguably the first SEO tool for link building and backlink analysis they will mention.

Majestic offers Backlink History Checker tool, which allows SEOs to determine the number of backlinks detected by their sophisticated web robots for given domains, subdomains or URLs. Registered users can compare up to 5 domains simultaneously.

Its Site Explorer lets you explore a domain or URL in great detail. Subscribers on Silver, Gold and Platinum subscription plans get access to the full tool.

Other tools offered include Site Explorer (where you can search their index for a Keyword or more) and Link Intelligence API (offers access to Majestic’s world’s most advanced link intelligence map).

Products and tools offer by Majestic SEO
Backlink History Checker, Site Explorer, Search Explorer, Link Intelligence API.

#5]. Moz SEO Tools

Moz SEO Tools

Moz offers robust tools for SEO, Twitter analytics, link opportunities, rank checking, and many more.

This inbound link tracking tool offers both a free basic version and an advanced version with a subscription to SEOmoz PRO.

The free version offers basic search which allows users to determine the number of inbound links to a page and the number of different domains linking to a page.

The tool also gives a ranking of the page based on number and quality of inbound links, as well as a ranking of the domain overall.

Also, you can access more data like Open Site Explorer and Followerwonk as well gain access to all kinds of keyword data, discover mentions of your brand online, see recommendations for on-page optimisation etc.

Products and tools offer by Moz SEO Tools
Moz Analytics, Fresh Web Explorer, Rank Tracker, On-Page Grader, Keyword Difficulty, Crawl Test, MozCast, Moz Local, MozBar, Followerwonk, Open Site Explorer.

Powerful SEO Tools For Link Building, Backlink Analysis And Search Engine Rankings
PIN IT: Powerful SEO Tools For Link Building, Backlink Analysis And Search Engine Rankings
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    • I’m one of the avid users of Link-Assistant website and I must confess that it’s not only one of the best sources for SEO tools for link building and backlink analysis, it’s also good place to be to keep yourself up-to-date on/about anything SEO.


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