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Best Paid Android Camera Apps For Android Gadgets

Platterofgold Tech Editor By Platterofgold Tech Editor 5 Min Read

There are lots of paid Android camera apps on Google Play Store but some of these paid apps are not actually as great as one might expect.

However, out of this multitude of camera apps, there are some of them that are popular and most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store.

What most of these camera apps do is add some really good effects to a smartphone camera to further enhance the user experience of their gadgets.

As photography is one of the common activities that most of us use our smartphones to do on a daily basis, having some really good camera apps is essential for better pictures.

Best Paid Android Camera Apps

While some of these paid Android camera apps are a little too silly for practical application, many provide features that go above and beyond the capabilities of the native Android camera app.

Below are some of the best popular paid Android camera apps for capturing and editing images. We looked at each app’s overall rating in the Google Play store as well as its practical application and functionality.

#1). Camera Zoom FX | Price: £2.99

Camera Zoom FXCamera ZOOM FX is a well-designed camera app that comes with a decent range of photo editing features. If you are into downloading add-ons, there are over 90 that can be added to Camera ZOOM FX, including Frames, Props, Composites and more Composites.

What make Camera Zoom FX a great Android camera app are its manual capture features combined with filters and editing tools that can be use to create unique effects. Camera Zoom FX’s filters include retro toy camera, frames, vignettes, fisheye, mirror, tilt-shift and light leak effects.

#2). Photo Editor HDR FX Pro | Price: £8.49

Photo Editor HDR FX Pro


With Photo Editor HDR FX Pro you can add beauty to your photographs, one tap at a time. It utilizes modern HDR capturing methods to produce a beautiful, illuminated final image that looks like it was taken professionally – no one will ever believe that you took it with your smartphone!

This Android camera app helps you to take control of how your photos look and create something beautiful. Using advanced algorithms, the app neatly stitches your images together, cascading light, temperature and white balance to create a true HDR photograph.

#3). HDR Camera+ | Price: £1.83

HDR Camera+

HDR Camera+ is another top Android camera app that can help you take some awesome pictures with your Android smartphone camera. It’s simply an all-purpose, full featured camera for Android!

The camera app offers 11 shooting modes with full camera control. Other features include full resolution images, exposure bracketing and tone mapping, zooming, location tagging etc. It also supports flash on/off/auto.

#4). Vignette | Price: £0.99


Vignette is a full-featured camera app that includes multiple shot modes, such as self-timer, time lapse, and steady shot, while also including controls for zoom, flash, exposure, and composition overlays.

In addition to all the camera functionality, Vignette includes a number of styles and special effects to apply to your shots. While not as advanced as some newer apps, Vignette’s Android 1.6 support means that it’s worth considering for owners of older Android devices.

#5). Camera FV-5 | Price: £2.49

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. With Camera FV-5, the only limit is your imagination and creativity!

Camera FV-5 is aimed squarely at photography enthusiasts as it packs numerous settings within easy reach, such as ISO, white balance, focus modes, and more. An intervalometer lets you set up time lapse photography and videos, while a long exposure mode lets you create low-light photos and light trails.

#6). ProCapture | Price: £2.99



ProCapture is arguably one of the most advanced paid Android camera apps. The camera app comes with super awesome features such as multiple advanced camera shooting modes like Timer, Burst, Reduced Noise, Wide Shot and Panorama.

A live histogram in the capture screen and manual controls makes this app stand out. Unlike Camera Zoom FX, ProCapture focuses on the less-gimmicky aspects of mobile photography with focus and scene shooting modes instead of filters and after-effects.

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  • There as certainly a lot to know about camera apps for android-powered gadgets. I have used a couple of the apps you mentioned in this article.

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