Twitter has become an important marketing tool for brands and small businesses. It’s like everyone is on this popular social networking site and brands are cashing in on its popularity.

Twitter is great for business marketing but is your business active on Twitter and do you think it’s right for your business?

Nowadays, business owners have realised that the internet is the future of their businesses. However, the fact is that having your business online is not just enough.

It’s not just about having your business online because you will also have to market it to the right audience.

This is where social media can be a great tool for your business. Social media offers a great opportunity for businesses to reach millions of potential customers.

Twitter as a business marketing tool

We are in a digital marketing era and businesses are competing to get in front of their potential customers. However, marketers and business owners now have plenty of opportunities to market their businesses.

Social media marketing tips
Twitter marketing

As a marketing tool, Twitter is one of the best social media advertising platforms to generate leads.

Twitter advertising lets businesses target a specific audience based on what users search for and what they reveal in their profiles.

So, if your business is online, you can explore Twitter advertising options for your business marketing. Twitter advertising doesn’t cost as much as other social advertising channels and it offers better returns on investment.

The amazing benefits of embedded tweets

Twitter offers several awesome features and one of them is called embedded tweets. The feature offers the ability to embed Twitter conversations into your blog posts to attract more audience to Twitter profile.

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It means you can easily take a stream of tweets from Twitter and place it on their personal or business website. Embedded Tweets allow users to engage and share Twitter content with a larger audience. Below are other additional benefits of Embedded Tweets:

  • #1]. Testimonials

    Embedded tweets provide a means through which customers can offer testimonials about your business via twitter comments and messages.

  • #2]. New contacts

    Also, embedded tweets encourage people to communicate their ideas and opinions about your business from Twitter. This also helps you connect with new contacts through your Twitter profile.

  • #3]. Blog inspiration

    It inspires people to blog about your Twitter conversation topics. Embedding part of a Twitter conversation in a blog post is also a great way to reach more people.

  • #4]. Positive comments

    It lets you share positive comments about your business and services from Twitter users with audiences outside of the network and offline. Share positive audience comments from Twitter of promotional events like trade-shows on your website, blog, or offline.

  • #5]. Grow your audience

    With the embedded link, users can easily become followers and discover more about your company. This is a great tool to increase interactions between your business and customers.


5 Awesome Benefits Of Embedded Tweets You Probably Don't Know
PIN IT: 5 Awesome Benefits Of Embedded Tweets You Probably Don’t Know
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  1. Hi Anthony, thank you for the reminder of using embedded tweets. I do use them from time to time but to showcase others testimonials would be good in my posts going forward. Thank you for that!
    Twitter still draws more traffic to my blog than any other medium except Google organic. It’s my favorite of all the social networks.

  2. Twitter is my number one social media platform for driving traffic to my blog. Seriously, embedding tweets on my blog posts has really helped to improve engagement too.


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