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Awesome Benefits of CDN For Bloggers

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 5 Min Read

Nowadays, CDN (Content Delivery Network) has become an essential tool when it comes to running a website. But What are the benefits of using CDN for bloggers?

For those aspiring to be bloggers, there is more to blogging than you may think. In fact, blogging is not just a hobby like it used to be, it’s a profitable online business that doesn’t cost much.

However, it is all about having the right blogging tools if you want to be a successful blogger. Also, will have to be able to understand your niche market.

This will help you create content that people are likely going to share and as a result, drive more traffic to your blog.

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What is a CDN?

Popularly known as CDN, a content delivery network is a globally distributed network of Points of Presence (PoP). It’s designed to provide faster and more reliable content delivery to users wherever they are.

Nowadays, CDN has become an integral part of websites and web hosting. For bloggers, CDN helps you to easily deliver your blog content to your visitors anywhere they are.

In fact, webhosting companies now recommend that you use CDN to help your website load fast. Popular websites like CNN, BBC, Netflix, and others now rely on CDN to deliver their content to users.

How does CDN work?

So, how does content delivery network (CDN) work? It works as a collection of data centers that are connected for the purpose of delivering content to users where they are.

For example, if a user in the US wants to access a website hosted in the UK, you’ll send a request to the origin in the UK. Then the origin will send content from the UK to you.


This is exactly how websites you access work without CDN. However, it takes a longer time to load the content and might affect the user experience and this is where CDN comes in.

CDN keeps a copy of content at its own PoPs around the world and delivers the content to you from the nearest PoP. In short, CDN service providers like RocketCDN can serve your content to users from nearby PoPs whenever possible.

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Benefits of using CDN?

First of all, CDN is essential nowadays as it is the brain behind your users’ seamless experience. CDN service providers users across the globe to easily access your website. Furthermore, CDN helps minimize loading time, costs, and delivery latency.

Also, it eases operational complexity by physically reducing the distance between content providers and users worldwide. Below are some of the benefits of CDN for bloggers:

#1]. Faster load time

Instead of sending requests to the origin and waiting for it to respond, the user will receive content from the CDN PoP nearby to reduce the latency.

#2]. Higher scalability

CDN can serve 40-200 Tbps at the peak of the traffic. It can provide an always-on experience globally, even under unpredictable situations such as malicious attacks or origin failure.

#3]. Lower bandwidth costs:

Through caching and request optimizations, CDN helps content providers significantly reduce delivery costs since most traffic no longer egress from the origin.

#4]. Better security:

CDN acts as a proxy in front of the origin server, which adds an extra layer to security by hiding the origin’s real IP.


Millions of businesses have shut down because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic while others moved their businesses online. This means that the internet is where businesses are done nowadays.

If you are running a blog, there is a possibility that your blog experienced high traffic during the pandemic. CDN can help deliver content in a fast, secured, and seamless way.

Also, CDN will prevent your blog from latency and security issues. As a result, you will be able to offer a consistent and optimized user experience worldwide.

Awesome Benefits of CDN For Bloggers
PIN IT: Awesome Benefits of CDN For Bloggers
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