CNN – Cable News Channels is a popular American news channel with a massive global reach.

The TV channel is so popular that not many people actually know that other news channels such as BBC, Aljazeera, RT – Russia Today and others exist.

But being a popular and arguably the most sophisticated news channel doesn’t mean that the television channel is freed from some “primary school” errors at times.

In fact, the popular news channel has been called out several times for errors and misrepresentations in their news reports.

Top 4 awful geography mistakes made by CNN

From time to time, most of these so-called media giants make mistakes that are indeed absurd. Below are top 4 awful geography mistakes made by CNN:

THE CNN errors

#1). CNN mislabelled the Niger Republic as Nigeria in an Ebola newscast

On Wednesday, August 06, 2014, Twitter users started posting pictures of a mislabelled map that was broadcast by CNN.

The network, attempting to portray the countries that had cases of Ebola, had mistaken Niger Republic for Nigeria:

#2). CNN thinks Hong Kong is located in South America

In their so-called “Around The World” news, CNN caused a confusion that provoked angry reactions from many Twitter users when Hong Kong was placed in South America. It would not be the first time CNN has mapped cities or countries far away from their actual position.

#3). CNN relocated the capital of Great Britain to Norfolk

Having recently rolled out its new slogan “Go There,” it’s clear that whatever direction CNN is headed, someone left the map at home. The US channel outdid itself when it relocated the capital of Great Britain all the way to Norfolk, much to the surprise of the local residents.

#4). CNN again on independence referendum in Scotland

In mid-September, CNN embarrassed itself while covering the independence referendum in Scotland. The news channel featured a graphic which showed that 110 percent of the Scottish had been polled. Many viewers said CNN journalists need some math and geography lessons.

#5). Eastern Ukraine is somewhere in Pakistan according to CNN

And if that wasn’t bad enough, earlier this year the channel reshaped the world entirely, suggesting on its map that Eastern Ukraine was somewhere in Pakistan.


  1. Western media are only good at spreading bad news about Africa countries. I can’t remember the last time I heard good news about Africa on the likes of CNN, BBC etc

  2. That’s a better example of what some of these so-called Western media think of Africans. They have no clue of who we are and yet, they are making themselves experts on Africa!

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