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Elechi Emekobum is into health & social care profession. She loves blogging, content writing, social media, branding, travelling, gadgets and health products. Check out her other articles on adeyemiadisa.com and Hotelsrepublic.com
word-of-mouth marketing and brand reputation

How Businesses Can Keep Customers Happy For Word-of-Mouth Marketing And Great Brand Reputation

To keep customers happy should be a priority of any business as they are the mainstay of any successful business. See how your business can keep customers happy and boost brand reputation and repeat sales.
social messaging apps for mobile device

10 Powerful Social Mobile Messaging Apps That Will Completely Replace SMS

These are 10 popular social mobile messaging apps that are replacing SMS on Windows Phone Apps Store, iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry App World
best ways to crowdfund your project

Planning To Get Your Project Funded Online? See How Crowdfunding Websites Work…

Getting a project funded have been made easy through crowdfunding websites, they help entrepreneurs to raise money for their great ideas. Check out how crowdfunding websites work.
Facebook buys whatsapp

Privacy Groups Challenged Facebook Over WhatsApp Purchase

Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp mobile messaging service has been opposed by privacy groups.
Facebook and WhatsApp

How Facebook-WhatsApp Relationship Could Make A Good Business Sense

Can Facebook-WhatsApp relationship make business sense? WhatsApp does give Facebook inroads into international markets and, as importantly, to a younger demographic. But could that be enough for the tech giant?
WordPress plugins for your blog

3 Valuable CommentLuv Premium Alternative Plugins You Can Use On Your Blog

CommentLuv premium is a good WordPress plugin but there're other really good CommentLuv premium alternative plugins that you can use to supercharge your Wordpress blog.
Why blogging is good for your business

Top 3 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important To Your Business

People blog for different reasons, since blogging is a better way to get attention of the online community and communicate with them. Check out top 3 reasons why blogging is important to your business.
myth of working from home debunked

Top 5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Work From Home

Work-from-home jobs have recently been made popular thanks to modern technology. Here are the common mistakes you should avoid when you work from home.
5 secret service cia fbi movies

5 Best Secret Service Movies That Involve Corrupt CIA, NSA And FBI Agents You...

In this collection of 5 best secret service movies, I have carefully selected those movies with corrupt secret service, CIA, NSA and FBI agents that I have seen, love and can recommend.
twitter followers mosaic

5 Reasons Why You Will Probably Get More Twitter Followers

With over 500 million registered twitter users and over 300 million active users, Twitter has become a social media sensation. Do you know how to get more Twitter followers?
motivational books for young entrepreneurs

5 Great Motivational Books Young Entrepreneurs Will Ever Need For Inspiration

Entrepreneur inspirations can come from anywhere and at any time. Check out these motivational and inspirational books that can inspire you as an entrepreneur.
entrepreneurship success and successful entrepreneurs

These 5 Valuable Success Recipes Can Motivate Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Success or being a successful entrepreneur is one of the sweetest things in life which not many people have been able to accomplished. So have you got the key to a successful future?


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