For young bloggers and online marketers, blogging offers one of the best avenues to make money online.

There is more to blogging for small business owners. Blogging helps improve your business’s online visibility. It’s one of the best ways to drive web traffic to your business website.

However, blogging is all about quality content and if you failed to offer this, you will struggle to get people to read your blog posts.

Mind you, quality content is not just about creating interesting headlines to drive web traffic to your site. You just have to devise means through which you can create valuable content that people are likely to share.

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post

Nowadays, there is more to blogging than writing awesome content. Blogging is not just about aspiring to provide your readers with the most interesting content.

blogger writing blog post

Bloggers also have to think about the structure of their blog posts and why it’s important.

Though content may be the king, your post type and writing style are as significant to your blog success and SEO optimisation. So what is the anatomy of a perfect blog post?

The infographic below, courtesy of iSpionage, highlights the anatomy of a perfect blog post and important principles for creating blog posts that stand out, get shared, and deliver value for readers.

anatomy of a perfect blog post


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