4 Big Advertising Budgets Trends To Watch In 2016 [Infographic]

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No doubt about it, the just the concluded year 2015 witnessed a massive increase in advertising budgets. But what should be the expectations concerning advertising budgets in 2016?

Are businesses and top brands going to spend more or less on advertising in 2016? Which of the marketing strategies is expected to enjoy much of an investment in advertising in 2016?

From all indications, digital marketing enjoyed massive investment out of advertising budgets in 2015. But will this trend continue in 2016? Will digital marketing continue to enjoy good investment out of advertising spending?

Advertising budgets trends to watch

To say digital marketing is important in today’s internet-centric era is not an overstatement. It is a business marketing strategy that works and offers better results than other means of marketing.

Various figures and facts show that digital marketing is here to stay. Popular brands are now spending much of their marketing budgets on digital marketing because of its capability to offer better ROI.

But what will be the major influence on digital marketing in 2016? Will social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others continue to play a major role in 2016?

Have you spent hours striving to strategise your advertising budget for 2016? Save yourself the work and worry of tracking tomorrow’s marketing trends. The infographic below courtesy of MDG Advertising, offers some insightful expectations that can help you make the right decisions.

The infographic adds up the top trends driving the direction of modern marketing and looks at which media channels you should channel your budget toward. Spend your time and your resources wisely with these highlights of its insights.





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