Everyone knows that Cisco WebEx is a great tool when it comes to hosting an extraordinary webinar but there are other WebEx alternatives out there that you can’t afford to miss.

WebEx is a modern way of having meetings that give you unlimited online meetings with high-definition video and integrated audio.

Modern technology and the improvement in broadband connections have made it easy for people to have smooth communications, and for business to reach their target audience.

Using WebEx for web conferencing

Using web conferencing software or facility such as WebEx is not a new trend but what it offers is what makes it popular within the business community.

With such software, you can schedule the event, send out invites, run the webinar, get instant feedback from your attendees, and share the recording to even more people after the webinar is over.

Cisco WebEx for virtual meetings

WeBex started in 1995 which means it’s one of the oldest web conferencing tools. The tool has millions of users across the globe. So, what does WebEx offer?

WebEx offers a fairly simple user interface, the ability to manage and host an event from start to finish, and integrates with other marketing software.

Best Webex alternatives you should try out

No matter how great WebEx is, it has its own problems. Some users have difficulty downloading the player in order to listen to webinars. What’s the point of a webinar if no one can attend?

Below are some of the best WebEx alternatives we think you should also try out for your small business communications:

#1). 8×8 Virtual Meeting

8x8 Virtual Meeting

8×8 Virtual Meeting prides itself as one of the best business communication apps for effective collaboration. It helps businesses to expand and unify teams, with web meetings that tie together chat, desktop sharing and VoIP—anywhere, anytime.

8×8 Virtual Meeting enables user to share their desktop or conduct presentations via webcam. You can also use integrated 8×8 chat, VoIP and private meeting features to manage calls for better outcomes.

It simply helps you to better serve your customers with a smattering of intuitive features and a squeaky clean interface. Its features also include first-class Web conferencing, faxing and mobile integration. So if you are looking for good Skype alternatives, you can try this app out.

#2). GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is another great WebEx alternatives that is all about arranging meetings and it makes it pretty easy, too.

With the ability to virtually meet with up to 25 people, you can either chose to chat via video or VoIP, or join with your mobile phones. It’s straightforward and really easy to use.

GoToMeeting offers such features as HD Video Conferencing, ability to share your screen, personal meeting room and so on.
Present and collaborate right from your iPad or computer.

#3). AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting offers web conferencing, video conferencing, phone conferencing, and webinar services. It’s another good Skype alternatives that targets small businesses and it’s simple to setup.

AnyMeeting covers a wide variety of features for managing a webinar from start to finish, including custom registration forms, presentation sharing, webinar recording and sharing, and follow-up emails.

Another interesting feature is the ability to sell tickets to your webinars through PayPal integration. It is an all-in-one conferencing solution for a small business.

#4). Join Me

Join.Me is a good webinar training wheel if you are doing instant screen sharing and smaller webinars on the fly. It is one of the best WebEx alternatives for simple and instant online meeting. Literally nothing to load, its magic.

With no downloads for viewers, it lets you share ideas and collaborate in seconds from your desktop to your tablet to your smart phone. That’s why it is the fastest growing collaboration solution. offers the usual VoIP, video chat, and file transfer features, plus record functionality, the ability to chat with up to 250 participants, calendar plug ins, integration, cloud storage, and personal chat rooms, along with integrated mobile apps.

#5). Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting offers web conferencing, web meetings and desktop sharing solution for sales presentations, marketing demo, online training and others. Also available is Zoho Assist which is the perfect remote support solution for SMB IT support.

There are a couple of features that make Zoho Meeting a particularly interesting alternative to WebEx. First of all, as Zoho offers a number of other apps such as CRM, Chat, and Calendar, you can start the meeting directly from there, as well as other integrations Google Apps.

What makes it a useful business tool is that you can rebrand the app according to your company brand, as well as easily manage users and create customised reports. Then it also comes with all the usual features, such as VoIP, video chat, and screen sharing.

#6). Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

No list of WebEx alternatives would be complete without mentioning Google Hangouts. This Google service may not be as sophisticated as others in this category but it does offer some really cool features.

Google Hangouts is a singular app for instant messages, text messages, group chat and voice or video calls. It seamlessly integrated in to Android and Chrome OS, and there’s an extension for using in the Chrome browser on desktops.

Also, you can use it on iOS. All you need is a device and a Google account. Just create a Google profile to get started, and enjoy unlimited conference calls with co-workers and virtual learners.


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