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small business and enterprise communication tools

10 Awesome Enterprise Social Network For Collaboration And Business Communication Needs

Writing and reading emails is an essential part of our daily activities because email has been one of the best means to communicate over the last decades. But here are some of the essential communication apps for small business that are capable of making email less attractive.
WeChat social messaging app

WeChat Messaging App For Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, PC And Mac

WeChat is a free text, voice messages and video calls app for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, Blackberry, PC and Mac, with over 300 million users globally
Windows phone 8 apps

5 Awesome Windows Phone 8 Messaging Apps You Can Download Free

Lots of popular Windows Phone 8 messaging apps like WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Kik, are Skype are out there that you can download for your Windows smartphones.