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marketing resolutions to make in 2017

Digital Marketing Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make For The New Year [Infographic]

What are your digital marketing resolutions for the new year? It's a new year, it's a new beginning for marketers and businesses. What are you planning to do differently to improve your business marketing efforts?
creative startup marketing plan

Powerful Marketing Tips That Will Effectively Make Your Startup Marketing Plan Work

So what should be in your startup marketing plan? How will you make your startup marketing plan work? Check out essential components that will make your startup marketing plan work.
Social media advertising tips for effective marketing

Top 7 Highly Performing Social Media Advertising Platforms Your Business Should Be Using Now...

Looking for the best performing social media advertising platforms your business can use? Below are some of the best social media advertising platforms that offer so much potentials.
16 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2016

Digital Marketing In 2016: Top 16 Hotel Marketing Trends For 2016 [Infographic]

So what does the New Year 2016 has in stock for hotel marketing? What will happen to digital marketing in 2016? Are you prepared to get ahead of the curve with your digital marketing strategy?
Youtube advertising and online video marketing

Using YouTube Advertising To Market Your Business Online

With YouTube's over 1 billion views per day, YouTube advertising offers so much marketing potential any business can tap into. It's one of the best social media advertising platforms for business marketing.
Pinterest marketing or Facebook marketing

Ecommerce Marketing: Facebook Or Pinterest? Which One Performs Better?

Ecommerce Marketing and social commerce is becoming really popular than before and the likes of Facebook and Pinterest are cashing in through the popularity.
how business can make use of pinterest marketing

Ecommerce Marketing: How Pinterest Drives Online Commerce [Infographic]

Pinterest is great for business marketing, driving web traffic and raising brand awareness. Below is an infographic from Shopify outlining how Pinterest impacts online commerce.
Business marketing made easy

Effective Marketing Strategies: 4 Popular Paid Media Marketing Strategies For Small Business That Are...

As a small business owner, having effective marketing strategies will get the business to potential customers. Check out 4 Paid Media marketing strategies that your business can use