genius Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone

Inspiration Corner: Young And Self-Taught Engineering Whiz From Sierra Leone, Wows MIT Experts

By inventing creative solutions to his daily problems, Kelvin Doe is fostering growth and bringing fundamental change to his community and Sierra Leone.
how to discover entrepreneur skills in you

Discovering Entrepreneur Potentials In You And Make Yourself A Better Person

Entrepreneurial potentials, either hidden or obvious, are in everyone of us. We all have one or two potentially great attributes about ourselves waiting to be discovered. But how do you discover the entrepreneurial potentials in you?
how to easily become successful young entrepreneur

5 Essential Rules Of Engagement That Can Make You A Successful Entrepreneur

No successful entrepreneur will ever tell you that it's easy to make it and become as successful as you can ever imagine. But what successful entrepreneurs do have in common are traits such as a strong work ethic, persistence, persuasiveness and discipline.
Fortune500 companies and women CEOs

World Top 5 Most Powerful Female CEOs Of Fortune 500 Companies And How They...

CEOs held prestigious, high-risk as well as high-reward positions and only around 3.6% of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs as recently as of October 2012.
LinkedIn for business marketing

8 Must Have Powerful WordPress Plugins That Can Improve Your Blog

WordPress plugins are the main reasons why WordPress has gone from being a merely blogging platform to a powerful website contents management system (CMS).
how to properly use Google Analytics

5 Key Google Analytics Report Tools Every Webmaster Should Take Serious

Google Analytics report tools are powerful web traffic report tool almost every webmaster uses to understand how people relate with their websites.
social media

Why Your Business Should Use Social Media For Relevant Business Connection

Social media as a tool for relevance connection has become an avenue not only for people to socialise, but also to sell, buy, promote and meet potential clients.
article and content marketing

Content Marketing 101: How To Easily Market Anything Online With Article Marketing

Article marketing has a lot of power to attract web traffic, turn that traffic into costumers, and make several sales a day.
Social media marketing for small businesses

How To Successfully Integrate Social Media With Your Day To Day E-Commerce Activities

Social media has gone from being relatively unknown few years back to one of the key and most important tools to disseminate information globally across the internet.
newsletter marketing tips and tricks

3 Ingenious Ways Small Businesses Can Effectively Make Newsletters Marketing Work Like Magic

Newsletter marketing is one of the best ways for businesses to market their products or services. But do you know how to make email marketing work for your business?
Google AdWords

Tips On How To Prevent Click Fraud On Your Google Adsense And Google Adwords

Click fraud or invalid clicks on Google Adsense isn't new to bloggers and webmasters because many of us have been victims of this heinous behaviour.
popular social media apps amongst young people

Top 5 Popular Social Media Android Apps Amongst Young People

Social media android apps are some of the major factors that have contributed to the popularity of android powered devices like smartphones and tablets.