The fact is that modern technology has made it easy for young entrepreneurs to start a business that can potentially grow within a short period of time.

Also, government around the world are attracting entrepreneurs with favourable policies.

This is why friendly startup cities are being targeted by entrepreneurs as top destinations to launch a new startup.

With government’s willingness to encourage entrepreneurship through incentives like tax breaks, so many young people now want to become entrepreneurs.

Friendly startup cities for entrepreneurs to start a new business

How To Get Better Results From Your Affiliate Marketing Business And Become A Successful PublisherSo are you planning to start a new business? Are you looking for friendly startup cities to start your new business?

If you are one of the young entrepreneurs that are looking for somewhere to get their business ideas off the ground, this article is surely for you.

According to the research, New York and San Francisco with higher taxes have the most companies registered with more than 40.000 while study reveals that although London, Singapore and Vancouver offer the lowest corporate tax rate for startups.

Berlin is considered the prime hub for European companies and it offers very low cost living to the entrepreneurs who chose this city.

The most expensive rent space is in New York City where new business can pay something close to 200 thousand pounds. Sydney, London and Vancouver follow the ranking.

The infographic below showcases some of the most popular startup cities in the world and highlights how they are supporting the new businesses which are helping their cities to thrive.

Friendly startup cities for entrepreneurs to start a new business


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