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*How to get and maintain perfect skin
*Why it’s good to maintaining perfect skin
*How sun protection can help perfect skin
*Effects of smoking on perfect skin
*How healthy diet can help maintain perfect skin
*Why moisturising your skin is good



A woman moisturising her skinMaintaining perfect skin without any make up is something most of us want. The undeniable fact is that we feel amazing when we know that we have perfect skin – it is some of the best feelings ever.

When you have perfect skin, you don’t have to worry yourself over wearing concealer and foundation to cover all the blemishes and flaws on our skin.

Of course, we all know how important is to wash and clean the face every day, but there are other ways to get perfect and glowing skin.

How to get and maintain a perfect skin

Many factors can affect our skin such as menstrual cycle, the weather, the diet and others, but if you don’t have time for intensive skin care, just follow the top tips on how to achieve a beautiful perfect skin below:

#1). Sun protection

too much sun could cause damaging skin effects
Too much sun could cause damaging skin effects
As much as we love the sun, it’s important that we always be mindful of the fact that sun could also cause some of the most damaging effects to our skin.

The truth is that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause such skin problems as freckles, wrinkles, skin cancer and others.

Therefore, it’s highly necessary to apply sunscreen and wear appropriate protective clothing whenever you are under the sun, especially for the Europeans when exposed to tropical sun.

#2). Stop smoking

Stop smoking to maintain perfect skin
Stop smoking to maintain perfect skin
Besides all the serious health risks, the fact is that smoking causes wrinkles and makes you look much older. When you smoke your skin loses oxygen and important nutrients.

Also your skin loses collagen and elastin. The loss of these substances causes wrinkles and other skin problems.

If you want perfect and beautiful skin without makeup, you really need to stop smoking. See Top 5 Reasons Why Giving Up Smoking Is Good For Your Health

#3). Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is just awesome
Eating a healthy, balanced diet is just awesome
We all love to eat good food but eating a healthy, balanced diet is just awesome.

It is an important part of not only maintaining good health but also to maintain a perfect skin and feel your best.

If you want perfect skin eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Include whole grains and protein in your daily menu.

Avoid high-fat and processed foods. A healthy diet can make your skin look younger and beautiful.

#4). Always moisturise your skin

Healthy skin is well moisturised skin
Healthy skin is well moisturised skin
Another great way to maintain great-looking and perfect skin is to keep it moisturised.

The basic idea behind moisturising your skin is to make sure that the skin retains water to prevent dryness.

So, if your skin is dry, don’t forget to moisturise it. It really helps!

Look for a moisturiser that suits your skin type. For daily use, choose a moisturiser that contains SPF.

#5). Manage stress

Burn off the stress hormones in you
Burn off the stress hormones in you
Stress is a thought. It’s not something that happens to us but something that happens in us.

If stress is a part of your life, try as much as you can to overcome it.

If stress is not well managed, it can cause acne and will make your skin more sensitive.

Reduce the list of obligations and do the thing you enjoy. The results will be amazing!




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