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THE CNN errors

Top 4 Awful Geography Blunders Or Location Mistakes Made By CNN Trending On Social...

From time to time, CNN make mistakes that are indeed absurd. Here are top 4 awful geography blunder or location mistakes made by CNN
Google search engine

European MPs In Favour Of Breaking Google Up

The European Parliament has voted in favour of breaking Google up, as a solution to complaints that it favours its own services in search results.
Facebook buys whatsapp

Privacy Groups Challenged Facebook Over WhatsApp Purchase

Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp mobile messaging service has been opposed by privacy groups.
LIVR for drinkers app

Livr For Drinkers? Social Network That Will Only Let You Log In When Drunk!

LIVR is a new social network that only allows you to login when you are drinking, using a smartphone breathalyser attachment to make sure. LIVR app is due to be released this spring.
Facebook website

Facebook Redesign Features, Goes Back To Basics With Latest News Feed Redesign, Less Clutter,...

Facebook redesign features as the social media giant went back to basics with latest News Feed redesign, bigger photos
Facebook buys whatsapp

Facebook Bought Messaging App WhatsApp For $19bn, Does It Really Worth That?

Facebook has bought messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a total of $19bn (£11.4bn) in cash and shares.
Email newsletter marketing

AOL Mail Redesigned, Wears A New Look After 5 Years Of Service

AOL has released a huge redesign to its AOL Mail experience which is the first major redesign to the product in about five years.
Facebook social network

Facebook’s new Camera app mirrors Instagram

Facebook has launched a photo sharing smartphone app called Camera.
ZOHO Meeting communication apps for business

Facebook Shares Drop Below Flotation Price

Facebook shares have fallen below the price at which they were floated amid scepticism that the newly-listed company will live up to expectations.
Facebook social network

Karma Blog Announced Facebook Has Acquired The Mobile Commerce And App Monetization Prowess

Facebook has acquired Karma, a mobile commerce startup, which makes apps for gifting friends and family.

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