Travel is a popular niche when it comes to blogging and so many bloggers have been able to make money online via this niche.

Everybody loves to travel especially during summer holidays; it’s like an annual ritual most people can’t skip.

You can use WordPress Plugins for hotel room reservation and booking to monetise your travel website or blog.

These plugins will make it easy to monetise your blog through hotel booking affiliate earnings.

Best WordPress Plugins for hotel room reservation and booking

The popularity of the Internet has made hotel room reservation and booking much more easy to do. You can now easily book any hotel right from your smartphone and tablet. Below are some of the best WordPress Plugins for hotel room reservation and booking:

#1). WP Booking Calendar

WP Booking Calendar is one of the best WordPress plugins for hotel room reservation and booking. This plugin helps you to easily add a powerful and simple hotel room reservation and booking system to your own WordPress website in a few minutes.

WP Booking Calendar

The WordPress plugins offers a great way to add a simple booking calendar or form to your hospitality site. The plugin allows guests to make reservations on a per-day basis and includes easy to understand colour coding for available and booked days.

And once a user completed a reservation request, you’ll receive a booking notice right in your WordPress dashboard where you can quickly organise and manage all of your reservations.
Download Here

#2). Booking System Pro

Next on our list of best WordPress plugins for hotel room reservation and booking is Booking System Pro. This is another really great WordPress plugin that will help you to easily integrate a booking or reservation system into your WordPress website or blog.

Booking System Pro

The WordPress booking system will display calendars for users to see availability and book dates and hours. Booking System PRO is especially good for booking, making appointments and any other booking or reservation related niche.

One of the beauties of this plugin is that it’s easy to use and it can be set up by anyone with a minimum knowledge of WordPress. The plugin is designed to fit into any booking website and it seamlessly works with WooCommerce as well.
Download Here

#3). Online Hotel Booking System Pro

Online Hotel Booking System Pro is powerful WordPress plugin for single hotel. Powerful hotel reservation system with real time availability and room booking functionality. You can easily integrate with your website or new template.

Online Hotel Booking System Pro

With this WordPress plugin, you can easily manage room, room types, capacity, hotel rates with different date range and month wise advance payment feature. It also features an online reservation manager at the back-end with invoices.

This plugin is a complete system and arguably the best WordPress plugins for hotel room reservation and booking on our list. We are recommending it for your WordPress website or blog.
Download Here

#4). Booki

Booki is a another powerful premium WordPress plugin for hotel booking and calendar. This advanced reservations system adapts to the users time zone, so they can easily see what’s available in real time.


From a guest’s perspective Booki makes it easy to select a travel date, view available listings, and make payments via PayPal after receiving an invoice. The plugin also includes 24 color themes, advanced admin statistics (total bookings, amount earned, discounts given, etc).

Booki is translation-ready so you can change it to any language you need using the .po file that comes with the package.
Download Here

#5). Awebooking

Awebooking is both simple and powerful when it comes to its purpose: booking hotel room. It allows you to setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easily. It also boats all necessary features and functions needed for a hotel booking plugin.


The plugin allows you to create and manage rooms, reservation, price, etc. Especially, you can set extra price, booking in advance, price range and room status for specific dates and much more.

With Woocommerce and Contact Form 7 integrated, you can offer online or offline booking method. Awebooking offers interesting solutions to make the booking process as pleasant as possible for customers.
Download Here

#6). BookingWizz

BookingWizz for WordPress – is long awaited plugin which will allow you to integrate booking into your WordPress site without any hassle. Plugin will install bookingwizz for you with a click.


With this plugin, you will be able to seamlessly integrate whole system booking interface into your WordPress site. You will not have separate login to manage your events/bookings/calendars. BookingWizz for WordPress comes with 2 widgets and 5 shortcodes at the moment.

It features Calendar widget that can show single calendar (service) which you will select in widget settings or it can show all calendars (drop down will appear on front end). It also comes with an Upcoming events widget which allows you to select which calendar events to show (can be all) and how many events to show.
Download Here

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