No doubt about it, broadband that used to be luxury and expensive before is now becoming cheaper and affordable. But which of the UK broadband providers is right for your household or business?

This is a big question considering the fact that most of the broadband providers offer very similar services. The little differences between most of these broadband providers are usually in customer service and technical support, and they are not always immediately felt until you signed up.

Yes, you may be looking at the differences in the broadband speed and price but the fact is that you have to look beyond this as there are other important aspects to consider.

Best UK broadband providers with great customer service

best and fast UK broadband providersSo, which of the UK broadband providers is right for your household or business? What is more important to you – the speed, price or customer service? What package should you go for and what should you consider as criteria in choosing the right broadband providers?

Customer service and technical support is vital when it comes to choosing the best broadband providers. This is usually the factor most people considered when reviewing broadband providers. Do you want a round-the-clock customer support services? Do you want a UK-based call centre?

How about the added value extras such as free Wi-Fi home router, free national Wi-Fi hotspot access and TV streaming? How about the contract length? Are you looking for a short or long term contract? Make sure you are aware of the fact that most internet service providers will require you to commit to a contract of 12, 18 or 24 months and leaving early means paying a charge.

These are some of the factors people usually consider before signing up for a broadband. Below is the list of some of the best UK broadband providers we think you can try:

#1]. BT Broadband @

BT offers a wide range of packages
Arguably the most popular broadband provider in the UK, BT Broadband offers a wide range of broadband packages with either ADSL up to 17Mb or fibre optic broadband up to 76Mb. Bundle includes call packages or BT TV services. BT also offers some incentives to new customers.
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#2]. Sky Broadband @

Broadband available as a standalone package, or bundled with Sky TV
Sky is known for its satellite television but the company has added broadband bundles to its services. Sky broadband comes with a wide variety of packages to suit most budgets. Extras include free streaming TV access via the web or Sky Go app. Incentives include gift cards.
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#3]. TalkTalk @

Broadband only deals, no TV just budget broadband
TalkTalk is popular for its budget broadband with speeds up to 38Mb. Broadband packages include phone and TV bundles with affordable TalkTalk TV offering live pausing and catch-up in addition to premium channel add-ons. Cheap mobile SIM deals are also available to customers.
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#4]. Virgin Media Broadband @

Virgin Media offers cable broadband with speeds up to 152 Mb

With its own fibre optic network, Virgin Media has the fastest nationwide broadband service. Virgin Media deals are available with phone and TV. You also have the option for a broadband only package without the need of a phone line. It offers cable broadband with speeds up to 152 Mb.
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#5]. Plus Broadband @

Plusnet is a popular UK broadband provider known for good customer services
With a UK based call centre offering round the clock assistance, Plusnet is known as one of the best UK broadband providers with superb customer service and technical support. It offers some good value deals on both entry level ADSL and superfast fibre optic broadband.
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#6]. EE Broadband @

EE Broadband lets you download and stream movies to mobile devices using EE Film
EE offers great value ADSL and fibre broadband packages on 12 or 18 month contracts, with the option to include a mobile SIM. EE TV bundles are also available if you’re an existing EE mobile customer. EE lets you download and stream movies to mobile devices using EE Film.
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#7]. Vodafone Broadband @

Vodafone Broadband extras include free switching and free router
Vodafone is known for its mobile phone network but it’s now one of the latest entries to UK broadband market. Vodafone packages include ADSL up to 17Mb and fibre up to 38Mb or 76Mb, along with phone line rental which includes evening and weekend calls.
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#8]. Post Office Broadband @

Pay 12 months line rental up-front, save £36 a year
Post Office Broadband is a straight-forward broadband package with home phone or mobile phone. Customers can either choose a broadband-only deal of up to 17Mb or the one that includes paying for the landline telephone too, which works out as a pretty cost effective option.
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#9]. Zen Internet Broadband @

Zen Internet Broadband is said to have the best customer service experience

Zen Internet is an independent ISP that provides communications services and systems such as leased lines, online data backup as well as broadband. Zen Internet offers cheap and affordable up to 38Mb fibre broadband deals for home and medium and lager business customers.
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#10]. SSE Broadband @

SSE Broadband packages include a free Wi-Fi router and free setup
SSE broadband offers a variety of broadband packages, starting with entry level ADSL broadband that offers a choice of either limited monthly usage or unlimited downloads. It also offers fibre optic broadband up to 76Mb with unlimited usage.
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