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Elechi Emekobum is into health & social care profession. She loves blogging, content writing, social media, branding, travelling, gadgets and health products. Check out her other articles on adeyemiadisa.com and Hotelsrepublic.com
web analytics tools you can use

Powerful Web Analytics Tools For Business Owners To Monitor Their Competitors Traffics

Ever wanted to understand why your competitor's website is doing well than yours and which content helps them get more web traffic than you? Here are some of the most popular web analytics tools to track and estimate competitor's web traffic.
Twitter marketing tips

Twitter As A Marketing Tool And How Your Business Can Easily Gain From Using...

What do you think about Twitter as a marketing tool? How your business can make use of social media for marketing and promotion.
better GoTo Meeting alternatives for business communication

Powerful GotoMeeting Alternatives For Small Business Communication Needs [UPDATED]

GoToMeeting is straightforward and easy to use. It offers HD Video Conferencing, ability to share your screen, personal meeting room and so on. Here are top 7 best GotoMeeting alternatives for small business.
best Instagram marketing-strategy for smallbusiness

Instagram Content Strategy Tips For Better Results [Infographic]

Do you know how to use Instagram for your business marketing? Here are some Instagram content strategy tips for better results.
best ways to quickly lose weight

Top 5 Effective Ways To Quickly Lose Weight – How To Lose Weight Easily!

So you want to quickly lose weight and be healthier and fitter? Best ways to effective ways to quickly lose weight. How to lose weight easily.
Energy foods: eggs, fish and sea foods

5 Awesome Energy Boosting Foods And Drinks You Should Take More

Energy boosting foods are like supplements that our body sometimes need to properly function. Here are awesome energy boosting foods you should be eating.
Emirates Airlines at Manchester Airport

Top 5 World Most Scenic Airport Approaches And Landings

Have you had the opportunity to experience the awesomeness of the most scenic airport approaches? Check out our list of top 5 world most scenic airport approaches.
British pounds bank notes

Top 5 Richest Music Millionaires In The UK And Ireland

Sir James Paul McCartney, MBE, who is considered one of the most successful entertainers of all time, is the number one on the list of top 5 richest music millionaires in the UK and Ireland.
woman moisturized skin tips and tricks

Top 5 Best And Easy Ways To Get And Maintain Your Perfect Skin

Maintaining a perfect skin without any make up is something mos of us want. But do you know how to get a perfect skin? Here is our top 5 easy ways to maintain a perfect skin.
best smartphone apps

10 Best Smartphone Apps That Can Actually Make Money For You

So if you need some extra cash, we have compiled a list of several free apps that could help you earn a little extra cash from your smartphone.
strange Madagascar Lemurs

Top 5 Unique And Strange Species Of Madagascar

Madagascar is famous for its wonderful weather, its beautiful forests that have animals and plants that are unique only to this island and are not found nowhere else in the world.
best UK cheap bargain holiday

How To Find Cheap Holidays In Britain And Save Money On Your Travels

We all love bargain or cheap holidays, either in the UK, to Spain, Turkey or even the Caribbean. Bargain holidays have always been great ways to save money on travelling.