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Tony is a blogger, SEO Marketer and Internet Entrepreneur. He writes articles on various topics. He is one of the writers at Platterofgold .
Twitter profiles

Top 3 Twitter Advertising Options Your Business Should Be Exploring And Why

Twitter advertising can be targeted based on what users search for and what they reveal in their profiles. Twitter also allows targeting according to what users have done online, outside Twitter. Here are some of the Twitter advertising options for your small business marketing.
Why your business should be on Twitter

25 Ways You Can Easily Get More Twitter Followers And Maximise Twitter For Your...

Twitter is one of the most effective social media platforms for business marketing. But do you know how to get more Twitter followers and maximise Twitter for your business marketing?
SEOmoz 2015 search engine ranking factors

Top 5 Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015 You Should Know About

Search Engine ranking is like a marathon race and everyone wants to be at the top of the Google SERPs. 5 search engine ranking factors 2015 you should know about.
search marketing tips

The State of Search Engine Marketing And Its Importance To Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

How important is search marketing to your business today? Can business do without search engines in this highly competitive market?
small business and enterprise communication tools

How To Easily Make Content Marketing Work For Your Business With Product Recommendations And...

Business content marketing has been revolutionised. This is how to make business content marketing work with product recommendations and ratings.
Crowdfunding your project

Top 5 Most Ridiculously Crazy Crowdfunding Campaigns Ever To Be Crowdfunded

Anything goes on crowdfunding websites these days. Here are some of the most ridiculously crazy things funded on crowdfunding websites.
customer list building on social media

7 Proven Ways Your Business Can Effectively Improve Customers List Building On Social Media

Offering great and highly useful contents combined with ease of sharing will help your business to achieve impressive growth in new business customers acquisition. Below are tips on how to build business customers list through social media.
the CEO - chief executive officer

Top 5 Reasons Why A .CEO Domain Name Could Be Great For You

.CEO domain name is bound to become popular very quickly. Here are top 5 reasons why a .CEO domain name could be great for you.
Best TED Talks Videos for young entrepreneurs

Best TED Talks Videos For Young Entrepreneurs And CEOs

Here are some of the most popular and best TED talks videos for young entrepreneurs.
Pinterest marketing or Facebook marketing

Ecommerce Marketing: Facebook Or Pinterest? Which One Performs Better?

Ecommerce Marketing and social commerce is becoming really popular than before and the likes of Facebook and Pinterest are cashing in through the popularity.
using keywords search tools

5 Awesome Benefits Of Using Keywords Search Tools For Search Engines Optimisation

The undeniable fact is that websites on the search engines are ranked for certain keywords. Below are awesome benefits of using keywords search tools for search engines optimisation
sales and smallbusiness marketing

Valuable Business Marketing And Leads Generation Tips Your Startup May Probably Need To Flourish

Valuable business marketing and leads generation tips. How are leads generated and how can your small business generate leads?

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