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Adeyemi Adisa is a brand enthusiast who loves blogging, affiliate marketing and internet entrepreneurship. I am a critic, a writer, a listener, a designer, a gadget lover. Join my world and lets rub minds together! Join me on Facebook | Twitter | About.me!
Internet marketing techniques, types and tricks

How To Easily Make Content Marketing Work For Your Business By Promoting Content To...

Startup content marketing to relevant audience for higher conversions is about creating compelling content and choosing the right marketing mediums. Check out how to make your contents stand out to get audience's attention
elements of effective sales

Essential Elements Of Effective Sales Strategy That Will Increase Your Business Sales

Essential sales strategy that will increase your business sales. How to easily make more sales in a competitive market. Effective sales strategy for small business.
Pinterest marketing tools for businesses

Powerful Pinterest Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now To Leverage The Platform...

Powerful Pinterest marketing tools to leverage Pinterest for business marketing. Pinterest management tools to monitor and schedule pins for maximum exposure.
Email Marketing Services Providers

Top 10 Powerful Email Marketing Services Providers For Your Business Marketing

There are so many email marketing services providers out there to use. Here is a list of best email marketing services providers for your business marketing.
How Pinterest Can Help Boost Your Brand Infographic

Pinterest Marketing: Best Ways Pinterest Can Help Boost Your Brand Visibility And Accessibility [Infographic]

Do you know how to easily use Pinterest for brand marketing and brand visibility? This infographic shows how Pinterest marketing can effectively boost brand visibility and accessibility.
Great marketing blogs small business owners should read

10 Outstanding Marketing And Social Media Blogs Small Business Owners Should Read For Inspiration

Looking for best marketing blogs for young entrepreneurs and small business owners? Here is a list of great marketing blogs small business owners should read for inspiration.
Twitter app for mobile device

Why These Bad Twitter Habits Are Your Worst Enemy.... And How To Defeat Them

Want to learn how to maintain a good number of Twitter followers and improve user engagement on Twitter? Below are common bad Twitter user habits you should stop right now so that people don't unfollow you.
2016 advertising budgets trends to watch

4 Big Advertising Budgets Trends To Watch In 2016 [Infographic]

Will advertising budgets increase or decrease in 2016? Where will much of the investment on advertising be? Here are 4 big advertising budgets trends to watch in 2016.
Social media advertising tips for effective marketing

Top 7 Highly Performing Social Media Advertising Platforms Your Business Should Be Using Now...

Looking for the best performing social media advertising platforms your business can use? Below are some of the best social media advertising platforms that offer so much potentials.
Pinterest marketing for brands and businesses

4 Simple But Smart Pinterest Marketing Tricks You Probably Don’t Know About

Pinterest marketing is one of the top social media marketing revelations of the previous years. But do you really know how your business can leverage Pinterest Marketing? Here 4 SMART Pinterest marketing tricks you probably don't know about.....
business customer relationships handshake

5 Essential Business Relationships Your Startup Should Be Building Right Now

Can you get the best out of your staff without making them feel appreciated? Below are top 5 essential business relationships your startup should be building right now.
Nigerian bashir @ work

The Amazing Story Of This Young Nigerian Shows Why Dignity And Professionalism Matters In...

Why presentation and finding dignity matters in business. Why you should be proud of what you do and why professionalism matters in business.


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